OU Student Rachel Cassidy Wrongly Pegged ‘False Rape Accuser,’ Doxxed

Ohio University student Rachel Cassidy has wrongly been identified as the female seen in footage of what may have been a non-consensual sexual encounter at the school’s homecoming — and after she was “doxxed,” Cassidy says her life has been a nightmare due to anger at a perceived “false rape” charge.

Rachel Cassidy was not at OU’s homecoming and couldn’t possibly be the girl seen in the tape, appearing to receive oral sex from a male game-goer. But she was wrongly pegged as the young woman, and the men’s rights forum Crimes Against Fathers subsequently linked readers to all of her social media accounts in an attempt to vilify the woman they believed had wrongly accused someone of rape.

The men’s rights movement has, bizarrely, in part latched on to discrediting rape claims as a core tenet, and OpposingViews quotes the Crimes Against Fathers as allegedly linking Cassidy to the incident when she was nowhere near the game.

OV says in the excerpt:

“A woman named Rachel Cassidy was getting oral sex performed on her by a man on a public street, and a bunch of guys walked up and started filming it. Well, the videos obviously went viral and Ohio University was threatening to kick her out, and so she changed her story and claimed it was ‘rape,’ in order to avoid getting expelled. Now the guy is facing criminal charges because this evil woman decided to make a false rape accusation against him.”

OU has confirmed that Cassidy is not the woman seen in the video posted October 13, but Crimes Against Fathers asserts that the information is faulty because it came from a female — the a user on the site writes:

“Jenny Hall-Jones, the Dean of Students at Ohio University, has claimed that Rachel Cassidy is NOT the girl in the video. Well, considering that women will always try to cover for their fellow women, and will NEVER hold their fellow women accountable, there is a very strong possibility that Jenny is LYING and that Rachel Cassidy IS the girl in that video. This means that Jenny Hall-Jones is a CRIMINAL because she is covering up for the CRIME of making a false rape accusation. Therefore, she is a criminal and needs to be publicly exposed as such.”

Cassidy explains how she learned of the misidentification, saying:

“Wednesday night, my friend called me and said there were pictures posted of me linked to the woman in the video saying I was her, although that’s untrue… I was nowhere near where the incident occurred I have no idea why I was targeted.”

OU says that while Rachel Cassidy is not the woman shown in the image, the actual alleged victim retains the institution’s full support.

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