GameStop reveals stingy Nintendo 3DS bundles

On March 27th, North Americans will be able to buy the Nintendo 3DS, the first new Nintendo games handheld since, errr, March 6th. Just in time, retailer GameStop has listed some of the first launch bundles for the new console. Be warned: these packages could save you as much as FIVE DOLLARS.

For $299.97, GameStop are offering a 3DS, a choice of game fromSuper Street Fighter IV 3D, Samurai Warriors, or Dead or Alive Dimensions, and a protective 3DS pouch that will hold the system and two game cards. That’s down from $304.97. In other words, a bit rubbish.

With that said, GameStop’s curmudgeonly ways seem to be widespread in the U.S. While British retailers are engaging in a full-on price war that has knocked £33 off the original £230 price, American stores seem to be sticking to the initial $250 price tag recommended by Nintendo.

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