Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Timothy Bradley: The Web Weighs In

As The Inquisitr previously reported, a shot at Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been on Timothy Bradley’s mind.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. dismissed that idea out of hand, eloquently positing that “Money” Mayweather would “whip his”… Well, you know…

A Mayweather match with Russian powerhouse Ruslan Provodnikov might make more sense, according to Paul Magno. But, as Tha Boxing Voice tells us, Bradley is not done with his quest for a match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. “Money” Mayweather faces a dearth of viable competition, Bradley says.

“I think that Mayweather is definitely running out of top guys to face… the only one that’s left and that really makes real sense is me,” Bradley said, sizing up Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s options.

Taking that into account, is a Bradley-Mayweather really likely, or even possible? Industry voices say no. The reasoning is simple: Floyd Mayweather Jr. is promoted by Golden Boy and Timothy Bradley is a Top Rank guy. Those companies don’t play well together, says the L.A. Times‘ Lance Pugmire.

“I’ve tried to reach out to Bob Arum several times and I get nowhere, so I want nothing to do with” him, Golden Boy head honcho Richard Schaefer told The Times about the Top Rank exec.

Kelsey McCarson also weighed in on the Floyd Mayweather-Timothy Bradley conversation for The Times.

“The so-called cold war between the rival promotional companies has gone from bad to worse as of late. Not only will they not make fights together, but now they’ve also locked into partnerships with rival broadcasters, HBO and Showtime, that may hate each other even more than Top Rank and Golden Boy do.”

In discussing the Floyd Mayweather prospect, Bradley noted he is under contract to Top Rank through December, 2014 and intends to honor his obligation. By then, who knows what will happen in the Floyd Mayweather Jr. microcosm. Still, Bradley remained optimistic about getting a shot at Floyd.

“I think that a fight with Mayweather is possible even with the promoters.”

Does Timothy Bradley deserve a shot at Floyd Mayweather Jr.? If so, how likely would his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. be to happen? If not, who should Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight next?

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