Casey Kasem Not Abused Under His Wife’s Care, Court Finds

Casey Kasem is reportedly on his deathbed as he deteriorates mentally and physically from Parkinson’s and dementia, but a Los Angeles court found that his wife Jean is not failing in her care for him.

The beloved radio personality has been the subject of controversy as his condition worsens. His adult children have accused Casey’s wife, Jean, of shutting them out of his life and failing to provide proper care.

But in court filings, the 59-year-old Jean Kasem claimed that she is working hard to provide Casey with the best care possible.

“I care for him day in and day out and do my best to provide for his care and well-being,” she said. “For the most part, he is now bedridden.”

In a court hearing, it was confirmed that there was no evidence Casey Kasem was being abused. The situation had been investigated by police, adult welfare services, and a court-appointed attorney for Casey.

“[Casey Kasem] appears to be receiving adequate day-to-day care,” said attorney Samuel Ingham, who visited Casey at his Los Angeles mansion.

Casey’s children are pursuing legal action to see their father, and say their stepmother is shutting them out.

Jean’s attorney Marshall B. Grossman said that when he asked Casey if he wanted to see his children, “he did not answer the question, but he was well enough to carry on a conversation.”

Case’s children are seeking control of his health care. A judge has called for a closer investigation into Casey’s health, and has postponed a decision until November 19.

Casey’s daughter Julie has claimed that in 2007 Casey signed a document that gave control to Julie and her husband, a doctor, for his medical care.


Jean claims that in 2011 Casey gave her power to make health care decisions, saying it trumped the 2007 document.

“Jean’s message to her stepkids is: Please respect the privacy of your father even though you don’t respect mine,” Grossman said. “Don’t bring anymore unwanted publicity to the Kasem name. Jean determined that it wasn’t healthy for Casey to have his kids in the house. I can’t go into details why. But she had to draw the line.”

In an unrelated court case this week filed by a former housekeeper, Jean told a judge that Casey Kasem was in his final months. The judge ultimately threw out the case, ruling that the housekeeper did not properly serve the Kasem’s with legal action.