Wayne Newton’s Yacht Sinks In Lake Mead

Wayne Newton’s yacht is now sitting at the bottom of Lake Mead.

According to Fox News, a yacht owned by the legendary Las Vegas entertainer sank at the Temple Bar Marina this weekend. The 65-foot ship sank stern first into about 45 feet of water.

No one was on the ship, a 1996 Skipperliner named Rendezvous, when it sank.

Officials are currently investigating the incident. Christie Vanover, spokeswoman for Lake Mead National Recreation Area, said that a preliminary investigation pointed to an equipment failure. The National Parks Service will also investigate the possibility of foul play.

Vanover said that an employee at the marina noticed a problem with the boat early on Friday morning. The boat sank about 20 minutes later.

Vanover said she can’t remember the last time a boat that big sank on Lake Mead.

Newton’s sister-in-law, Tricia McCrone, said: “(Wayne Newton) wants to find out what happened, obviously. (The boat was) in pristine condition. (It had been) impeccably decorated by Mrs. Newton. It’s a gorgeous boat, just gorgeous. It’s heartbreaking.”

Wayne Newton hasn’t had the best luck recently. The Las Vegas singer, who is currently on vacation with his wife in Bora Bora, recently lost Casa De Shenandoah. Newton has lived in the 38-acre estate since 1968 but was recently forced to move after a long legal fight.

The Las Vegas Review notes that Newton has also been hit with several lawsuits over the years for failing to pay his bills.

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