Betty White: The Latest Miley Cyrus Fallout

It’s inevitable: for better or worse, young women will be influenced by Miley Cyrus. It’s an axiom of life, people are shaped by the socio-cultural environment in which they are raised. Ask Martin Heidegger. The fact is Miley Cyrus is a force of nature right now.

What wasn’t expected was for The Miley Cyrus Effect to be felt by older generations. Like, “a few generations ago” old. Betty White old.

But, according to the promo for Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, that’s exactly the case.

Quick survey: is seeing White straddle construction equipment more disturbing or funny? Is it any more disturbing than when Miley Cyrus did it? Is it more disturbing than Nicholas Cage as Miley Cyrus?

“I was asked to help promote my show Off Their Rockers, which is coming to Lifetime,” Betty tells us. “So I got some ideas from recent pop culture events that really got the kids talking.”

Cue the wrecking ball. But White was not done with her Miley Cyrus shenanigans. She asks for a sledgehammer and your skin really begins to crawl. Instead of going full Miley, she gives it a thoughtful peck.

Another Miley moment: she wants a foam finger. This one is, mercifully, also tamer than Cyrus’s deployment, as White just uses it to root on the network carrying her show.

So, first Dolly Parton takes on Miley’s wrecking ball, now White wants a piece of Cyrus too. So kudos to both for recognizing the steam generated by the Miley Cyrus Express. But will either of their videos set any viewing records? Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” smashed her own record for “We Can’t Stop,” eclipsing 100 million views in just six days (Miley previously did so in 37 days).

What do you think of all the Miley Cyrus spoofing? Will Miley Cyrus take it in stride or fire back? What influence will Miley Cyrus have on the younger generation?