[Damn Cool Dept.] The coolest electronified surfboard yet – VIDEO

While this will most like drive surfing purest off the deep end of the incoming waves the geek in me just loves what they have done here.

It’s one thing to maybe chart the power of the waves that you’re riding but Tecnalia and Pukas have gotten together to create the ultimate geek driven surfboard you will most likely ever set your eyes on.

Here’s a part of what has been embedded on this magical surfboard (bite this Apple):

  • embedded PC
  • gyroscopes
  • accelerometers
  • compass
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • flash memory stick

The idea is that after that majestic ride all that data that was collected it stored on the flash memory and once you hit shore it is beamed via WiFi to a more power computer for all the number crunching.

Here’s a video of the board in action.

Pukas – Tecnalia Surfsens project from Pukas Surf on Vimeo.

via Engadget