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An Over Enthusiastic Employee Gets Blasted On The Internet For Reporting Her Coworker To HR

Chukwudi Peter Onyewuchi - Author

Sep. 20 2022, Published 8:59 p.m. ET

Every organization has different categories of staff. While some staff are enthusiastic about work and want to be involved in almost everything, others are more laid back. This disparity in how employees approach work sometimes leads to clashes in the office, especially when it involves collaborative duties. How each individual or company deals with such conflicts can go a long way to solving or worsening the issue. When not properly dealt with, such conflicts result in a hostile work environment or disagreements between colleagues.

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Another example of workplace conflicts was brought to the fore when a Reddit user shared her story on the platform. The 26-year-old narrated how she had just started her first job after completing her master's degree. In her company, she worked alongside a 27-year-old, Thea, who joined the company two months before she did. The narrator explained that Thea was very efficient with how she carried out her assignments and always met deadlines despite being new to the company.

The Redditor was impressed by Thea's efficiency, especially as she struggled to do the same. Hence, she wished to learn from her. Thus, she asked Thea to allow them to work on projects together so she could learn. Thea agreed to this, but the Redditor struggled to keep up with her pace. Still, Thea encouraged her to be faster next time and moved on.

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Later, Thea detailed her engagements and monthly tasks on a whiteboard at her desk. The narrator was again impressed with this and asked her about them. However, Thea got irritated when her colleague asked if she could join in the tasks and snapped at her. Thea's action surprised the narrator, but she overlooked it, thinking she was having a bad day. However, when Thea began avoiding her, got hostile, and proved unhelpful, among other acts, the narrator reported the matter to HR.

Unfortunately, the situation worsened after HR spoke to Thea. Eventually, Thea was moved to another section of the office and was talked out of leaving. Meanwhile, the narrator is conflicted and wants to avoid a hostile work environment. Hence, she shared her story with other Redditors.

See the story and Redditors' reactions below.

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Thea Finally Snaps

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Thea Becomes Hostile Toward Her Colleague

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Did Thea's Colleague Act Wrongly?

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Narrator Provides An Update After Redditors' Reactions

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Redditors React To The Story

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Narrator Advised To Go Job Hunting

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Thea Has More Experience

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The verdict didn't end up in favor of the over-enthusiastic employee since she didn't go about her desire to grow the right way. However, one can't totally blame her as she genuinely wanted to improve, although she had no idea she was making her colleague uncomfortable. Hopefully, from the comments of users who pointed out where she got it wrong, she will know how to act more appropriately in such situations next time.


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