Google Maps For Android: Real-Time Traffic Rerouting Now Available

James Johnson

My favorite game to watch in 2010 was the one in which Google drove down the stock of GPS manufacturers such as Garmin and TomTom. Google managed that rather easy goal by first giving away Google Maps for mobile devices for free, then by adding cool functionality such as voice guided directions and the ability to switch into street view while walking around various cities. Now here we sit in 2011 and Google is up to their same old tricks, this time announcing Real-Time traffic rerouting for mobile devices.

The new feature, specifically giving to Android devices (still in beta and unavailable for iPhone users at this time) can be used in both North America and Europe.

While Google Maps has offered traffic information for quite a while now, it's the first time that the program has been made available with real-time traffic updates for mobile users. The program uses smart schemes which uses both current and historical information to find the best route for a user to take at any given time of the day or night.

The screenshot above shows how the program works and should be pretty self explanatory, just make sure you upgrade to the newest Google Maps version through the Android Market.

Wow look at that, even as I finished this post I realize I had forgotten about Garmin and TomTom. Sure does seem like Google is up to their same old tricks and we're all benefiting from them one Google update at a time.