MLB News: Insider Rips Braves' Marcell Ozuna Amid New Scandal

Marcell Ozuna
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Ernesto Cova

Atlanta Braves Marcell Ozuna has now been arrested twice in fifteen months. Some around Major League Baseball questioned the team's decision to welcome him back after that infamous domestic violence scandal.

Now, he's facing DUI and unsafe lane change charges, and he's not even an everyday player for the team, which is why it's getting harder to make a case for him.

Ozuna Can't Live Up To His Contract

Marcell Ozuna
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With that in mind, The Athletic's Jeff Schultz didn't mince his words when discussing Ozuna's situation, ripping him for not living up to his huge contract:

"Ozuna thanked [GM Alex] Anthopoulos for a $65 million contract by putting together the two worst statistical seasons of his career and dragging the team through a trough of humiliation," Schultz wrote. "He has been so bad that he was benched for four straight games before his night on the town in Norcross, despite a $16 million salary that sometimes influences lineup decisions."

His Judgement Has Been Terrible

Marcell Ozuna
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Schultz called him out for his poor work ethic. Instead of working his way back to game shape, he once again proved that he couldn't be trusted:

"He responded to the benchings not by working hard to earn his manager’s trust but by getting pulled over at 3:35 a.m. Friday — after “like three or four” Presidente beers. According to a police incident report, he was speeding and ignoring little things like lanes. But he told an officer he was in Norcross for “the party” and on his way to an after-hours club," Schultz added.

Braves Should Get Rid Of Him, Says Schultz

Marcell Ozuna
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Schultz believes the Braves have given him way too many chances already and claimed they shouldn't wait for a second longer before parting ways with him once and for all:

"The Braves should dump him. Now. Or are we destined to hear the familiar and nauseating 'We all deserve second chances' spin from shallow sports executives?" Schultz asked.

They Don't Need Him

Marcell Ozuna
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Schultz pointed out that they didn't need him during the World Series run and that his numbers took a massive dip after he got that big contract, so there's no reason to hold on to him any longer.

"Let’s be clear about something, for those still swimming in Ozuna’s aberration of the shortened 2020 season (.338 batting average and 1.067 OPS): He is not an important part of this team. He’s not a good player. The Braves won a World Series without him in 2021. Anthopoulos needed a power hitter so he brought Ozuna back after 2020 when the Braves missed out on others during the winter."

Yikes. Those are some harsh words, but it's not like Ozuna has done anything to deserve otherwise.