NBA Rumors: Daryl Morey's Giant Plan Could Take Kevin Durant To Philadelphia

Kevin Durant
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Ernesto Cova

The Philadelphia 76ers and Daryl Morey are always keeping tabs on the market. They know they have a franchise cornerstone in Joel Embiid and that he needs more help to go the distance, and they won't hesitate to be aggressive in their pursuit of a ring.

That's why it's not surprising to see them as a potential destination for Kevin Durant. And even though it may seem like a long shot, ESPN's Brian Windhorst hinted at this months ago.

Morey Had It All Planned

James Harden
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The wheels have been in motion for quite some time now. First, Morey needed James Harden to take a pay cut and give them some financial flexibility:

"I promise you that Daryl Morey has big, giant plans to acquire another star," Windhorst said. "Whether he's going to execute it, I don't know. But part of getting that done is to require Harden to take some sort of paycut."

Windhorst Was Cryptic

Tobias HarrisDaryl Morey
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Windhorst never mentioned Durant's name as his trade request came out of the blue. But the foundation was already set for Morey and the Sixers' masterplan:

"Well, you're doing a very good job of asking a question that would potentially create news if I give you the honest answer, so I'm going to stop just short of that. Philly has dreams and plans, Daryl Morey does," Windhorst added.

They Have The Assets

Tobias Harris
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Also, the Sixers have more than enough assets to make it a sweet deal for the Nets, as well as enough salary-fillers to make the deal work:

"A key factor here is that they have Tobias Harris, who would have value in a possible trade. They have Tyrese Maxey, who would have value in a possible trade. And you would need a player, potentially near the end of his contract, to come and say, 'I would like to go and play in Philadelphia.' Is that something that could happen? Maybe. We'll see. I know Philly and Daryl are going to try and make it happen," Windhorst concluded.

It's All Love In Philly

Kevin Durant and James Harden
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So, now that Ian Begley reports that KD has made the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers his preferred destinations, all that's left is finding ways to get a deal, which could be easier said than done.

But moreover, the fact that James Harden was spotted with Durant lately shuts down the rumors of a potential rift between them, opening the door for a big splash in Philly. Will it happen? Stay tuned and find out.