NBA Rumors: Proposed Trade Sends Kevin Durant To Boston, Jaylen Brown To Miami

Kevin Durant
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Ernesto Cova

Kevin Durant will continue to steal most of the NBA-related headlines until a deal gets done. But given how many years he has left on his contract, it could be a while before any team meets the Brooklyn Nets' trade demands.

That, assuming no other team is willing to join forces and put together a three-team blockbuster. As unlikely as it may seem, Adam Borai of Bleacher Reports wants people to keep an eye on the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.

Brown Could Join The Heat

 Jaylen Brown
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The Heat wanted Durant but don't have enough assets to pull it off. Instead, they could turn their attention to Jaylen Brown, even if that means paving the way for K.D. to join the Celtics:

"If KD is Boston-Bound, I'd keep my eyes on MIA trying to get involved in the deal to try & snag Jaylen Brown," Borai tweeted. "Brown, a FA in 2 years, has BIG fans within certain high ranking Heat officials, according to sources. He's so well-liked that some would even prefer him over Mitchell."

Why Would Nets Do This?

 Jaylen Brown
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But why would the Nets give up Brown if they could take him in a potential package for Durant? Well, because he's not that far away from free agency, and there's no guarantee he'd stay beyond his deal:

"Jaylen is a FA in 2 years," Borai added. "While he's the best player by far that the Nets have been able to negotiate for, there is a lot of risk in trading KD for a guy that can leave pretty soon. Picks > Player might be the move."

Celtics Get Their Star

Kevin Durant
Giphy | Brooklyn Nets

The Celtics would also get the guy they've been after for the past couple of weeks. They'd pair Kevin Durant with Jayson Tatum, which is a scary thought for the rest of the league.

Durant and Tatum were spotted training together and have had a close relationship since their days with Team USA. Also, Durant has plenty of respect from Ime Udoka, who was an assistant coach with the Nets before taking over for the Celtics.

It's A Big Win For Everyone

Jimmy Butler
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It's not usual to see three direct rivals engage in a potential trade, and this transaction would shake the Eastern Conference to its core.

But it could also be just what they all need to get over the hump and fulfill their goal of winning an NBA championship, so they should at least consider it.