Jolissa Fuentes Update: Search Continues For Missing 22-Year-Old Woman

Photo of Jolissa Fuentes
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Sarah Guy

Authorities are still searching for answers regarding the whereabouts of 22-year-old Jolissa Fuentes. Following her August 7 disappearance, theories about what could have transpired leading up to the vanishing have emerged. With the investigation still in full swing, here's what we know so far.

Last Known Images

Photo of Jolissa Fuentes at gas station
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On August 7, Fuentes had been hanging out with friends until roughly 3:00 AM. Shortly thereafter, she briefly stopped by her grandmother's home before heading to a local AM/PM gas station in Selma, California, to buy a snack. Fuentes was captured on surveillance around 4:06 AM. From there, she was seen driving away. After her departure, the timeline becomes opaque.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence about her whereabouts, family members have suggested that they believe she may have traveled to a nearby orchard in a rural area, as she and a deceased friend used to spend quite a bit of time there at one point. As stated by her family, Fuentes would sometimes visit the location to hang out, reflect, and find "peace of mind."

After leaving the gas station, she was last seen driving a silver four-door 2011 Hyundai Accent with a California license plate of #8MPU766. Her car has not been recovered at this time.

Phone Calls Around Time Of Disappearance

Photo of Jolissa Fuentes
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Around 4:00 AM that same morning, Fuentes called her sister. According to the established timeline, this would have been close to the time that she had been buying food. Then, around 5:30, she called two more times. However, her sister had been asleep. These calls were Fuentes's last attempts at contact. Now, her phone goes straight to voicemail.

Family's Theory

Photo of Jolissa Fuentes's father, Joey Fuentes
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Following the disappearance, family members began speculating about what could have happened to Fuentes. At this time, her father, Joey Fuentes, believes that someone could have taken her against her will.

That sentiment was echoed by her mother, Norma Nunez. When speaking about her daughter, she stated that it's unlike her to leave without her phone. Additionally, she added that she is very social, doesn't miss work, and always lets her family know if she will be returning home later than usual.

Investigation Continues

Photo of cop car with flashing lights
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Now that more than a week has passed since Fuentes was last seen, some have started to explore new avenues in order to find clues about her whereabouts, such as using drones to obtain a more expansive view of the terrain. Since she vanished, multiple searches have taken place throughout the surrounding areas thanks in part to a Facebook post asking for the assistance of drone pilots.

After the post began gaining traction, several strangers, including Kristopher Magaña, offered to help out and survey the area from the skies. Magaña, along with other drone operators, created a group and opted to fly different routes in order to cover as much ground as possible. "Getting an aerial shot can help out," he stated.

Community Support

Photo of prayer circle for Jolissa Fuentes
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On top of the group of drone pilots, the Fuentes family has received additional support in the community as well. On Sunday night, a prayer vigil was held with hundreds of people in attendance. "This is a united community, united we stand, with all of us coming together" said Pastor Delfina Vazquez.

Request For Public's Help

Photo of missing poster of Jolissa Fuentes on car window
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Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Richard Figueroa at (559) 891-2243 or Detective Matthew Hughes at (559) 891-2266. At this time, a $10,000 reward is being offered for information that could help close the case. Anyone who can aid the investigation can also contact the Selma Police Department at (559) 891-2252.

When asked what message the family would convey to Fuentes at this time, her father replied, "We love you, Jolissa. Come home."

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