DNA Links 2 Florida Inmates To 1983 Murders

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Jessica Powers

After an innocent man was acquitted, two serial killers were indicted this week for the 1983 cold case rapes and murders of two women in Tampa, Florida.

Amos Robinson And Abron Scott Were Already Serving Life Sentences For Another Murder

Amos Robinson, 58, and Abron Scott, 57
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Amos Robinson, 58, and Abron Scott, 57, serving life sentences for another murder, are now charged in the gruesome killings of Barbara Grams, 19, and Linda Lansen, 41.

Authorities say the pair were sentenced to life for the kidnapping and fatal beating of a man they attacked outside a Florida bar in 1983. Police had not linked them to any additional murders until they recently looked at the DNA evidence available from the time.

Authorities Say They Killed Barbara Grams And Linda Lanson In 1983 And Got Away With It

Barbara Grams
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The charges against the men were announced this week during a press conference.

"These men are serial murderers and rapists, and although they're already serving life sentences, their crimes against Barbara Grams and Linda Lanson cannot — and will not — go unpunished," Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren said Thursday while announcing the newest indictments, according to NBC News.

Another Man Spent 37 Years In Prison For A Crime He Did Not Commit

Another man spent 37 years behind bars.
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Robert DuBoise spent 37 years in prison after he was wrongfully convicted of killing Grams, who was killed while walking home from work the night of Aug. 18, 1983.

But the conviction was overturned in August of 2020 with the help of The Innocence Project after DNA evidence did not match DuBoise. It is unclear why it took investigators nearly 30 years to take a new look at the DNA evidence, seeing there have been advancements in the science in recent years.

After DuBoise was cleared, the state attorney's Crime Reinvestigation Unit continued to work the case to find the real killer, according to Bay News 9.

Investigators Looking At DNA Evidence Linked The Men To The Two 1983 Murders

DNA helped solve the case.
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While investigators were taking a new look at Grams' death, they also re-examined other unsolved cases and discovered DNA evidence that indicated both Gram and Lansen had been killed by the same two men during what Warren referred to as a "sinister spree of rape and murder."

DNA samples from both crime scenes were matched to Robinson and Scott through a national database.

Lansen, a freelance photographer was killed in July of 1983. Her body was found at the end of Memorial Highway in Town and Country.

"She had been raped, shot in the head, and dumped in the bushes," Warren said.

Grams' body was found the following month behind a dental office in Tampa Heights after she had been beaten to death and raped.

Grams had worked at a restaurant called The Hot Potato and had left the night of Aug. 18, 1983, to walk to her Tampa Heights home, but she never made it. Her body was discovered the following day.

Scott And Robinson Were Already In Prison For The Murder Of A Man In 1983

The men were convicted for another murder.
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But Scott and Robinson's killing spree ended when they were ultimately convicted of another murder that same year.

Carlos Orellana, a 33-year-old office manager, was attacked by the two men outside a bar,

After he lost consciousness, Orellana was shoved into the backseat of his car and driven to a remote area.

Orellana regained consciousness and tried to fight for his life, but he was beaten, choked, and then run over with his own car before the men dumped the body in the woods.

They were convicted of robbery, kidnapping, and murder and sentenced to death. However, both sentences were later reduced to life in prison.