Bikini Babe Paris Hilton Takes On Italy

Paris Hilton
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Triston Brewer

Paris Hilton, the OG reality star queen, has been a figure in the public domain all of her adult life, and her fashion and notoriety are the stuff of legend. The heiress to the famous Hilton family, she has parlayed that title into many more, including model, actress, DJ, brand ambassador, clothing designer, and lots more! At 41 years of age, she still looks as young as she did 20 years ago, but the difference now is that she is wiser, bolder, and more at peace with who she is and her mission. Behold, world, it's Paris!

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Paris Hilton Brings Pink To The Forefront In Dazzling Swimsuit

Giving her 20 million followers on Instagram what they want, Paris Hilton is beat for the gods and showing her body in photos that take her style to new heights. The blonde beauty dazzles in an aqua blue one-piece bathing suit, as she poses on a boat. With braids flowing across her shoulders, diamond earrings, and Dior sunglasses, Paris is definitely 'sliving' for this moment and many more.

And what else does that fashionista have in store for her fans in the future? Well, all will be revealed across her social media networks, and there are a few other things about the mini-mogul that may interest her fans.

The Hilton Clan Does NOT Stop With Paris

Paris Hilton
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It goes back generations and includes many that are currently living it up in the spotlight alongside Paris but in other ways. Aside from Paris, there is her grandfather, the late and great Barron Hilton. Then there is her father Rick Hilton and her mother Kathy Hilton, who is also a reality star maven in her own right. Then there are her other siblings – a younger sister, Nicki, and two younger brothers. Just like Paris, her sister Nicki is also an entrepreneur and when she was younger, was almost in the news as much as her older sister.

Paris Rose To Fame Through Infamy

Paris Hilton
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Similar to Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton had a very infamous moment early on when her boyfriend at the time, Rick Salomon, leaked a sex tape to the general public. Titled 1 Night In Paris, the video could have been the end for Paris. Instead, she overcame and recalibrated the media attention into a reality show alongside her best friend Nicole Richie, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Paris Is A Charitable Young Woman!

Paris Hilton
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Despite getting lots of bad press sometimes, at the end of the day Paris does lots of charity work. Causes that she supports include Make-a-Wish Foundation, Cancer Research UK, American Foundation for Aids Research, and Precious Paws, and Starlight Children’s Foundation.