Sofia Vergara Stuns With Swimsuit Photo From The Past

Sofia Vergara close up
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Sofia Vergara has been blessing our timelines with timeless gems from her past. If you follow Sofia Vergara on Instagram, you undoubtedly already know how much she enjoys posting flashback photos from her past. The 50-year-old singer has a wealth of time capsule material in her back pocket, including Pepsi advertisements and seaside photo shoots.

America's Got Talent judge chose to repost a set of images from her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia, early Thursday morning. According to her caption, the photos were taken when she was just 14 years old.

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14-Year-Old Vergara

Teenage Vergara is seen posing in the first image wearing what appears to be a one-piece swimsuit in lime green, with hot pink laces tying up the bust. She sports long, dirty blonde hair with front bangs and looks away from the camera. Although the exact location is unknown, she appears standing in the doorway of someone's home, possibly her childhood home?. On the wall behind her, we can see a painting of sunflowers.

In the second image, which is a close-up of Vergara's face, we can see that she is wearing a pair of tiny, golden hoop earrings as jewelry.

#tbt Barranquilla the 80’s🌴#14yrsold❤️

Blast From The Past

Vergara has been into throwbacks lately. She previously shared a photo of herself donning a green and yellow bikini with a translucent wrap covering her arms as she looked stunning in the minimal makeup image, with beach-ready waves in her brunette hair. She wrote "Summer #tb" as the caption.

Sofia Hilariously Tumbles From Inflatable Bull

Fans had a good laugh thanks to 50-year-old Sofia Vergara on July 4. The actress, who is renowned for playing a variety of comedic roles, shared a throwback video from last year's Fourth of July, in which she was seen hilariously falling into a pool while wearing a white one-piece swimsuit and attempting to climb up a bull that was inflatable and had a tube around it. She gave a sharp scream and laughed as she fell into the water.

How Sofia Strengthens Her Abs Legs

Do you want to know how the Modern Family star built up her legs and abs? It should be no surprise that she is committed to her routines and works out for at least an hour five to seven days a week when her schedule allows, according to her trainer, who spoke to Marie Claire. However, she rests her body when she is busy or exhausted.