NFL Rumors: Saints Amid Dark Horses To Trade For Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield
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Ernesto Cova

The Cleveland Browns have two starting quarterbacks on their roster. But in the most Cleveland Browns thing ever, they may not have either of them come the first week of the NFL season.

Deshaun Watson isn't likely to be eligible to play as the league will hand him a lengthy suspension, and Baker Mayfield wants absolutely nothing to do with them after they blindsided and backstabbed him by trading for Watson in the first place.

Mayfield Deserves Another Chance

Baker Mayfield
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Baker Mayfield has had some attitude and character issues throughout his brief career in the league, so it's easy to understand why he's not a favorite among some of his colleagues.

But it's not like he can't play at all. He did lead the Browns to the playoffs for the first time in forever and was at least decent when healthy despite having multiple OCs and HCs in every season in the league.

Is he overpaid? Yes. Is he a scrub? No, by any means.

So, even if the Browns don't find him a trade suitor right away, there should be league-wide interest in him at some point in the season. With that in mind, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk predicted some dark horse destinations for him.

Saints Wanted Watson, So Why Not Mayfield?

Baker Mayfield
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The New Orleans Saints weren't 100% sold on Jameis Winston. Otherwise, why would have they inquired about Deshaun Watson? So, if Winston underperforms or gets hurt again, why not make a move at Mayfield?

"They were one of the teams pursuing Deshaun Watson. That necessarily makes them a potential contender for Mayfield, despite the presence of Jameis Winston. Maybe the Saints genuinely believe that Winston when healthy is better than Mayfield when healthy. Reasonable minds definitely would differ on that point," Florio said.

Lions Should Want An Upgrade

Baker Mayfield
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The Detroit Lions are going through what might as well be a long and painful rebuild. Notably, though, upgrading the QB position could make that transition way smoother:

"Mayfield is better than Jared Goff. Period." Wrote Florio. "And Mayfield much better fits the current vibe that coach Dan Campbell is trying to create than the California kid who landed in what must feel to him like Bizarro Oz."

A New QB In The Big Apple

Baker Mayfield
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The New York Giants didn't pick up Daniel Jones' fifth-year option. There's little-to-no trust in him or his development, and he's a prime candidate to lose his job at some point in the season:

"Isn’t Mayfield better and more accomplished than Jones? Yes and yes," Florio said. "If the Giants aren’t sold that Jones will be the guy for 2023, why not grab Mayfield now and see if he can become the future for a team that is still trying to adequately replace Eli Manning?"

Florio also pointed out the Steelers, Dolphins, Panthers, Falcons, Seahawks, 39ers, Texans, and even the same Browns as teams that should consider giving him another chance.