Obamacare Website Glitches Are Really No Big Deal, Get A Grip Media

The Obamacare website “glitches” resultant from the October 1 opening of the insurance exchanges on which the Affordable Healthcare Act were predicated are the stuff of legend — which is to say like much of the criticism against the president, the magnitude of these issues exist largely in the heads of his largest opponents because they want so badly to believe it.

President Obama isn’t perfect, and as a registered Libertarian myself, I have lots of minor complaints about the current administration. None of those are that under crushing demand, the Obamacare website glitches happened — and personally, the whole issue looks like part four after the Benghazi, IRS, and what was the other thing? Umbrellagate scandal?

Again, I don’t love Obamacare. I’m one of those irascible socialists who feel that a… we’ll politely call it a “favor” to insurance companies using a firm grip and a lot of Jergens wasn’t nearly as appropriate for our healthcare needs as a single-payer healthcare system. You know, that horrible harbinger of Nazism currently present in all other first-world nations.

We’ve even seen circulating and untrue scarelore about immediate and hefty fines and massive, crushing Obamacare premiums. President Obama himself was forced to address the criticism of a reasonable aspect of web service use in a lengthy set of comments, as if the idea the sites have hiccuped could possibly be the right wing failure train finally arriving in the Obamacare station. (It clearly is not.)

I’ve worked for The Inquisitr for four years, and in no way does that make me an expert in speaking to what the magnitude of the Obamacare glitches might be. My suspicion, however, is that compared to their efficiency, the answer is “not that big of a deal when placed in perspective.”

Part of working with the web with information and other services is the vast number of variables involved — and when it comes to Obamacare website glitches, this is without doubt a factor. A site built for Americans to use may not be equipped to handle an unanticipated influx of traffic, and it is rare to see a site built and opened to such immense traffic and fluctuations. In short, what else would have such a large, large number of Americans flocking to it?

And yet because the media is fairly keen on exposing the flaws in Obamacare we’ve all yet to find, the website thing was jumped upon so much so that half of today was spent with many political sites and outlets eagerly slavering for a juicy scandalicious apology.

Does that mean that there is no major flaw in Obamacare, or that the program will be universally loved when it kicks in? Absolutely not. There are a thousand ways Obamacare might “not work,” but the tendency of the world wide web to collapse under a sea of traffic all at one moment is not one of them — it is, to our total understanding, the way the internet works.

Even long-established services like GMail and Amazon fall down on the rare occasion, and their infrastructure has been used by millions for years. Conservatives — including the New York Times‘ Ross Douthat — are clamoring for a mandate delay. Personally, I find it unseemly to assume underhanded motives… but wouldn’t these overblown “glitch” claims be the perfect sneaky way to undermine the mandate that is the platform on which Obamacare stands? Hmmm…

Have you experienced Obamacare website glitches, or were you able to access your state’s or the federal Obamacare exchange site?

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