How To Attract A High-Value Woman

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There are a lot of opinions on both sides of the fence about the high-value lifestyle, including plenty who don't fully understand it or those that are just not on board with this way of life as reported by Refinery29. This trending lifestyle is blowing up on TikTok and Reddit, creating a number of controversial conversations.

If you’re a male looking for some dating advice on this subject, then you’re in the right place. We spoke with former NFL cornerback for The Washington Commanders and High-Value Lifestyle Expert Antomius Wise for some tips to help you understand these concepts. His first tip, “Like with most things, the earlier you get this information it increases your chances of success.”

Making A Great First Impression

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A high-value man (HVM) is always put together. He is well-kept in terms of mindset, appearance, hygiene, and physical shape. 

Choosing The Right Approach And Strategy

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The first step to gaining and keeping her attention is to penetrate her mentally, spiritually, and emotionally before you move on to the physical. 

"When you can protect, provide, prophet, and preach, women willingly submit to you 'mentally' because you’re able to answer their spiritual and societal questions. That’s how you develop a deeper rapport," Wise added.

Ensuring Your Kingdom Is In Order

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Financial stability is also of the utmost importance. Wise explains, “You should have your Kingdom structured properly to mitigate challenges that could occur while you are on life’s journey, meaning having more than one source of income, having ways to protect your assets, understanding tax strategies to reduce your tax liability to zero, and putting yourself in a position to employ your spouse, kids, family, etc. Money is your friend if you know how to manage it properly. When you bring value to society, the government will reward you with tax breaks. Find ways to bring value to society!“

Communication And Expectations Between Roles In The Relationship

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In any relationship, it is imperative to let your partner know where you stand on important matters. The high-value relationship is no different. In most cases, there are defined roles that each partner plays.

"Set the expectations, in the beginning, and be upfront with her. HVW are attracted to men who know what they want and are willing to communicate that to them. Whether that’s peace of mind, being a helpmate, etc.,“ explains the lifestyle expert.

Happily Ever After With A High-Value Marriage

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Influencers like the late controversial content creator Kevin Samuels speak about relationships in-depth regularly, but like him, the majority of the men speaking about high-value relationships aren’t married. Antomius differs from those men because he understood the above concepts at an early age, had the wherewithal to apply them, and got married.

He stresses that “at the beginning point in your relationship, you want to make sure your ideologies align, while you’re implementing a legacy for generations to come. This is what separates high-value couples from the rest. Their roles are well-understood, and they each contribute value to the marriage.”

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