Malia Manuel In Swimsuit Cozies Up To Surfboard

Close up of Malia Manuel
instagram | Malia Manuel


Pro Surfer Malia Manuel teased her fans with a swimsuit picture of herself ready to take an outdoor shower. She promised fans that it's the best and she would know, considering her time outside. Manuel earned her stripes in 2008 as a teenager and continues making literal waves in the surf world.

Manuel recently placed second in the WSL Hurley Pro at Sunset Beach, and she celebrated her success with a cute joke about running out of hands to count seconds.

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Manuel Takes A Outdoor Bath With Skincare Wash

In this shot, Manuel showed off her toned thighs and legs as she prepared for a shower outside. She wore a black one-piece with a plunging backline showing her toned back. She washed her face with a face mask from Sum Bum skincare and smiled at the camera.

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Manuel shared another picture of herself wading through the waters underneath the sunset and credited her clear skin to Sum Bum skincare.

Cozying Up To Her Surfboard

Manuel also loves her surfboards as much as she enjoys being outside. In another shot, she celebrated the season change in jeans shorts worn over her bathing suit, saying, "Tis the season."

When she came in second place at the WSL in February, Manuel said there's something special about competing with friends. She wrote,

"There really is something different about competing at home with your friends and family’s energy; I’m so thankful we got to start the year this way."

Riding A Massive Wave

Manuel is impressive on the ocean, and she rides a mean wave; hence she never fails to recognize the incredible photographers and videographers who capture her incredible moments.

Her toned glutes and legs were on display as she rode to success in a black bathing suit with a long-sleeved skintight top and bikini bottoms. Manuel's comment section was filled with compliments for her finesse and style. As fans said,

"Beautiful style and so smooth and powerful ❤️," and "On fire."

A Picturesque Moment

Manuel shared another candid shot of herself surfing on the ocean in her black swimsuit. The athlete's braided hair whipped as she navigated the crashing waves, and the final image was beautiful.

The white waters pooled in a wave at the bottom while the turquoise ocean surrounded Manuel as she whipped her board. She felt peaceful and happy at that moment, as indicated in her caption.