WWE News: Randy Orton Talks About The WWE Wanting To Break Up The RK-Bros

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Jon Conahan

Randy Orton and Riddle, more commonly known as the RK-Bros, have emerged as one of the more popular WWE tag teams in history. They've only been working for about a year now, but the WWE doesn't want to keep them going and plans not to allow them to continue competing together. 

Randy Speaks About How The WWE Wanted To Break Them Up

Orton recently discussed how the WWE wanted to break them up and had to convince them to allow them to continue being partners.

"Randy Orton says WWE wanted to break RKBro up months ago, but they talked them into keeping them together for now. "It wasn't too hard to convince them."

Randy Orton Credits Riddle For A Lot Of His Success

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Randy and Riddle go back a few years now, and Orton says that if it weren't for Riddle, he wouldn't have had the career he currently has.


"Riddle has kind of revitalized my career, so to speak, as far as how I feel in that ring. He's unlocked the amount of fun that I can have in that ring. I think that before Riddle, no matter how you considered me as a performer, there was something missing that is there now that wasn't there before. And what exactly is it, I don't know, but I know that it's a direct result of partnering with Riddle."

Riddle Also Credits Randy Orton For His Recent Success

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Riddle also notes that Randy has made him who he is today, and similar to Orton, he wouldn't be here without him.

"I think with me and Randy together, it's awesome because Randy is such a serious character. So for him to kind of drop his guard a little bit, give me some trust and some friendship, I'm always there for him. I’m his right-hand man. I’m his bro, for sho. I'm there all the way."

"I think, because of that, it's like a dynamic we've never seen."

Will the RK-Bros Stay Together?

The RK-Bros are still together, with no current ending in sight. Although the chairman and CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon, doesn't want them to be partners anymore, there's no denying that having them together is the best for the fans and his pockets.

When these two enter the ring together, fans will tune in to watch. They are two of the best wrestlers that have ever played the sport, but they're also outstanding entertainers. This puts money in Vince McMahon's pockets, and that's something he won't ever try to change.