Theo Wenner: Rolling Stone Photog Dating Miley Cyrus Since Before Hemsworth Split

Theo Wenner and Miley Cyrus may have been carrying on for longer than anyone recognized, with the singer and Rolling Stone photographer linked back to before Miley’s split with Liam Hemsworth.

Reports say that Miley has been seeing the 26-year-old Wenner ever since her racy photo shoot for the magazine, which showed her in various stages of undress. This would put the pair together before the very public split between Miley and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

Though Miley and Liam publicly announced their breakup in September, it is not clear when they may have actually broken up. Relationship rumors had plagued the couple for months, and the last time they were seen in public together was at the August 9 premiere of his movie, Paranoia.

Theo Wenner would have seen a lot of Miley Cyrus during the photo shoot. The 20-year-old singer appeared in the nude for several photos, including a cover shot where she is climbing naked out of a pool.

This photo shoot took place in September, just four days after Miley’s controversial MTV Video Music Award performance in which she appeared on stage in nothing but a bra and shorts. She took heat for twerking on much-older singer Robin Thicke during the performance, in which she pranced around on stage with her tongue out.

For her part, Miley has denied the affair. In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week to promote her movie Bangerz, Miley insisted that she and Theo Wener are just “new friends.”

But sources say the two have been in “constant contact” since the day of the Rolling Stone photo shoot, and Miley reportedly invited Wenner to watch her Saturday Night Live performance in early October.

Distance may be keeping Miley Cyrus and Theo Wenner apart, however. He lives in New York, and she has been living in Los Angeles. Miley is due back in New York in a few weeks for the annual Jingle Ball concert in December.