Tracee Ellis Ross Wears Hermes For New InStyle Cover Story

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As Tracee Ellis Ross says goodbye to yet another TV series. In a recent InStyle Magazine interview, the 49-year-old lays all her cards on the table. She started the Black.ish in and didn't know it would have such a cultural impact in a long ride, and now, eight years later, she, alongside the cast, is saying goodbye to their beloved show. Alas! All good things must end, but it doesn't have to be finite. Instead, it's the beginning of a new era for the actress.

Dripping In Hermes Jewelry

Tracee wore an Alai denim bodysuit with Vintage Levi's jeans for her cover and many other designers like Maison Valentino and Bottega Veneta. She also paired her outfits with exquisite Hermes jewelry pieces.

Tracee wore fitted Levi's jeans, a black skintight top, a brown Prada leather jacket, and black pointed-toe cover slippers in one of her spreads as she rested on a vintage BMW convertible. The outfit makes the picture feel like something straight out of an 80s magazine cover - all that was missing was a grainy resolution or Sepia filter.

Swipe the picture below to see the outfit.

Saying Goodbye To Black.Ish

Tracee Ellis Ross as Rainbow Johnson
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Tracee's portrayal of Dr. Rainbow "Bow" Johnson earned her a Golden Globe in 2017 and four NAACP Image Awards. The success of the flagship show Black.Ish led to the spin-offs, Grown.ish and Mixed-ish (a prequel on Bow's early years).

She told InStyle that many of the casts cried but found closure when they discovered the end of an era, unlike her previous hit TV series, Girlfriends, which ended without a proper farewell.

She Got It From Her Mama

Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross and Evan Ross
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Her biggest inspiration came from her mother, who cared for her and her siblings intimately despite being a worldwide sensation. She said,

"The most important thing to my mother was not fame, it was her children."

It, however, doesn't change her outlook on fame as she appreciates it being one of the few jobs where validation is normal.

Favorite Vacation Drink

Tracee said she loves drinking cocktails made of Reposado Tequila when she's on Vacation, and she often visits Mexico. She also added that she loves pools, and they make her crave cocktails, so it's a domino effect.

The actress jokingly adds that even though people get hurt from Tequila, it has never harmed her, so it wouldn't change her relationship with the Mexican drink. However, she emphasized that she isn't a heavy drinker.