CJ Perry In Bikini Celebrates WWE Friendships

Close up of C.J. Perry
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Former WWE superstar Lana, now known as C.J. Perry, is a fiercely loyal friend, and you can tell from the way her people rally around her despite her dramatic exit from the franchise. This weekend, she attended fellow wrestler and friend Alexa Bliss' wedding alongside some of her colleagues-turned-friends, and it was an emotional moment for her.

C.J. penned a lengthy note (as is characteristic of her) saying how much she missed her friends from WWE and couldn't wait to link up again. That's not the first time C.J. has shown love to those she considers family.

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Wishing The Couple A Happy Married Life

CJ wished Alexa Bliss and her newlywed husband a happy married life while showering them with praise.

"Congratulations to Alexa Bliss & @ryancabrera !!!! Your wedding was so beautiful and SO FUN!!!! Wishing you all so much love !I can’t express how wonderful it was seeing so many people I love so much and to celebrate this special day!"

Love To Aliyah

Last year, C.J. shared a 7-slide picture duet with WWE Canadian wrestler Aliyah showing off their curvy toned bodies. The older athlete's bikini was a low cut top with high-rise bottoms highlighting her slim waist and toned abs. The ladies twinned in sexy bikinis and protective hats, with C.J. posing in red and Aliyah in Pink.

"Love [Aliyah] so much, so proud of her," she wrote.

C.J. Stuns In Red

Liv Morgan is a constant recipient of C.J.'s love and after reading the lengthy appreciation note on her (C.J's) birthday, we understand why. Liv stayed by the 37-year-old throughout the tumultuous times she spent in WWE. She wrote to Liv, Mandy Sacs, Sonya DeVille (Mandy's bestfriend) and Kayla Braxton saying she couldn't explain how much she missed them.

She also wrote,

"[Nia Jax] you are always so stunning and always making me laugh!!!! I wish we took more pics together😂🤣!!! [Maryse Ouellet] gorgeousness is ALWAYS mind blowing to me and "The Miz" is ALWAYS bringing the charisma and entertainment no matter where he is!!!!"

Final Note

C.J. concluded her lengthy note saying,

"I wish I had taken more pictures with so many other people I love & miss so much like @mojo @adamscherr99 @raquelwwe @joylynnjohnson @thewestinblake!! I guess we will have to have another celebration soon! 😂🙌🏽."

Healing and happiness sure looks good on C.J. now that she's found peace in her new home.