Surfer Carissa Moore Is A Vision In Swimsuit

Carissa moore smiling close up
Getty | Koji Hirano

Triston Brewer

Carissa Moore is big on body confidence and inner confidence for her Instagram followers. Particularly for young women, the pro surfer has broken the mold when it comes to showcasing the talent and beauty of a gracious athlete that is trailblazing a career that few women have ever embarked on.

Carissa Is The Very Definition Of Empowerment

Whether she is rocking a swimsuit for her fans via social media or participating in one of the most difficult solo sports in the world, Carissa has taken everything as it comes and represents a legion of empowered young women that are dedicated to improving conditions for female athletes everywhere.

A Teenage Prodigy That Knows How To Relax

Becoming the youngest person to win a pro surfing is a huge accomplishment, and Carissa claims it and also another as the first woman to compete in the Triple Crown of Surfing. With these records, she was immediately compared to some of the best male surfers currently in contention, and her qualification into the Olympics is unchartered territory that has made her an overnight sensation within the sport.

Nonetheless, she stays humble and open to improving herself each year. Through it all, the phenom keeps a cool and serene sense of herself through it all, posting on her Instagram about the importance of self-care and knowing when to relax. She gives her fans a gorgeous smile on the beach in a floral two-piece that was a big hit with her followers.

A Cover Girl With A Sense Of Community

Moore will be one of the first people to tell her fans that she has earned a lot of her strength through her community, and the reason for her groundbreaking success has been because of the friends and family she says keep her motivated and inspired to always do her best. And who knows better than her more than 500,000 Instagram followers that keep track of her career and the important relationships within her family and throughout her community?

Fighting For Her Passion

Carissa Moore surfing
Getty | Koji Hirano

No matter if it is a photoshoot for a major brand, competing in the Olympics, or just getting through the day, she keeps it simple, stating:

“I can do this. I can do this. I’ve trained for this. I can do this. But there was also just like, it was scary. It was scary to be alone and just to put it all on myself. I’d like to think that I would’ve risen to the occasion and overcome by myself, but there’s something so special, and I think I learned it pretty early on, that community and that sense of love is so important to me."

This feeling has resonated with her fans and they have loved seeing the direction of her career as she breaks more records and cements her legacy.