Surfer Sage Erickson In Bikini Flashes Abs

Sage Erickson close up smiling
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Ashabi Azeez

American surfer Sage Erickson enjoys time spent surfing. The 31-year-old began surfing at the age of 14 and has since won several titles. The surfer enjoys spending time on the beach, and her Instagram timeline serves as the ideal gallery to show off her bikini looks. The surfer was all smiles as she enjoyed her time in the tropics in one of her enchanting posts. 

Tropical Happiness

Sage Erickson
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Erickson took to her Instagram page to share adorable photos of herself in a black bikini top while she tied a scarf around her waist. The picture, which she captioned: "Tropical happiness," shows the surfer enjoying a peaceful time in the tropicals as she flashes a beautiful smile. She has a pink flower in her hand as her blonde hair flows down her shoulders. Her toned legs were on display as she folded her legs beneath her—she sat on what seemed to be a concrete slab in front of a tropical house.

Definitely A Morning Person

Sage Erickson
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Erickson loves to share beautiful photos of her time at the beach, and also take in the "little moments." She shared yet another spectacular photo of herself at the beach last year as she described herself as a morning person. The surfer sat on the beach with a surfing board by her side as she enjoyed the sunrise while downing a can of Mountain Dew Rise. The surfer never misses an opportunity to share her love for Mountain Dew Rise, as she tagged the brand in this post.

Morning Routine

Sage Erickson surfing
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Erickson, who has been surfing since she was 14 and has won twice at the U.S. Open of Surfing, has become more confident over the years. Knowing that this pro-surfer is a morning person, we are not surprised that she possesses some amazing tips for a morning routine that acts as a confidence booster. According to Byrdie, Every morning, Erickson starts the day with a cup of coffee and writes her goals for the day in her journal, making sure to keep them open-ended. She also does a lot of positive imagery.

Beauty Routine

Sage Erickson
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Erickson's beauty routine is equally as important to her as her morning routine is. She explained that she had to choose a pattern that sustains her through the sweat and the impact of spending so much time in the waves. She chose a sunscreen that would not run whenever she stepped into the water. She also uses water-based mascaras and lights bronzing powders. Due to the amount of time she spends in the sun, she has gotten some sun damage over time. Her focus when it comes to beauty products is not only to smoothen out her complexion but to prevent further damage.