CJ Perry In Bikini Shows Off Achievements

CJ Perry close up
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Former WWE superstar Lana a.k.a. C.J Perry, celebrated her 37th birthday with her loved ones on the set of her new Paramount Plus film. The athlete turned actress penned a lengthy heartfelt note thanking her friends and family for being there throughout the past year. She also revealed some juicy information, like how she overcame anxiety with the help of RnB singer Tamar Braxton and cleared the mix-up on her role in Wife Like - the upcoming film.

CJ And Miro Cozy Up In Bathing Suits

Her husband Miro made the first feature image (as expected) since the couple has an unabashedly loving relationship. Lana shared an image from their last vacation together where she's wearing a pink high-rise one-piece bikini while clinging lovingly to her Miro in a pair of hot shorts.

"Thank you for all the amazing #Birthday wishes! Swipe to see my crazy past year! The last couple of days have been so emotional for me when I look back on everything that has happened to me this past year," she started.

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Booked And Busy

"Filming the craziest reality show reboot for @viacom_intl #SurrealLife ! Living in the house with ICONIC LEGENDS... I can’t believe I booked 2 movies in the past 6 months! On my birthday I was filming an action movie where I play an Assassin for @paramountplus where I was blowing up cars & kicking strong men’s asses!" she continues.

That clears up the previous confusion concerning her role on Wife Like. Lana would play the sexy wife on the Paramount Plus cinema film while she'd switch it up into a badass assassin on another movie from the same production company. Talk about booked and busy.

Friends That Stick Together

CJ Perry and Nat by Nature
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The Wrestlemania fighter thanked her friends, Nattie, Gionna Daddio, and TJ Wilson for their constant support through the toughest times in her life.

"@natbynature, @tjwilson711, @yaonlylivvonce thank you for BELIEVING in me when I had no confidence left. On my birthday I was able to film & celebrate being alive & healthy another year with actors that I have looked up to for years! I am so beyond grateful."

Getting Over Toxic Work Environments

CJ Perry in a red ensemble
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"From being on a poster at #Wrestlemania, having a match with one of my best friends & favorite dance partners @trinity_fatu at #Wrestlemania... Talk about a complete 180 from WWE only wanting me to wear pink, have blonde hair & having MY ASS kicked ! 😂 I had the most amazing time with my sister & family this past year, because I finally had some free time & wasn’t on the road with #WWE 300 days of the year! I can’t believe how far life has come in a year & how brainwashed I was from the toxic environment that I had worked in for 8 years."

We had no idea how bad Lana's time in WWE was until this post. It's good to see the 37-year-old thriving against all odds.