Two Dogs and A Snake Called 'Son': Meet Kendall's Other Family Members

Kendall Jenner looks upward with her face and shoulders angled left. She is smiling.
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Tiara Winter-Schorr

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has a well-documented love of pets, and Kendall is no different than her family in this respect. Her demanding career as a supermodel means she has to limit how many animals she can have in her life, but she has talked about utilizing services like Wag and depending on her sisters to help when she travels. Scroll down to look at the pets who keep Jenner's heart and hands full.

A Greyhound Named Mew

Mew, a white Greyhound, came into Kendall's life by surprise. In 2016, her sister Kylie gifted her the puppy for Christmas. According to Teen Vogue, Jenner only agreed to keep the dog if her sister promised to babysit when she traveled for modeling jobs. Mew's first Christmas present was a diamond monogrammed necklace, which Jenner purchased and proudly displayed in her Instagram story.

Pyro The Doberman Pinscher

Jenner first introduced her Doberman to the world in May 2018, although it's not entirely clear when she first got the dog. She didn't reveal her name until 2020 when she proudly posted that her 'baby Pyro' had grown up fast. Several media outlets have noted that the dog is a guard dog and a means of protection as much as a pet, but Jenner's affection for the pup is evident.

A Snake In Her Hair

Kendall Jenner GIF of her smiling and putting a hand under her chin. Her hair is pulled back and parted in the middle.
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In March of 2019, Jenner debuted her pet snake on her Instagram. She referred to him as 'my son' but offered no other information. Later that month, she used him as a hair scrunchie, allowing him to wind around her bun. Her antics caught the attention of People magazine and hoards of fans. Jenner has one more love that we can't forget to mention, so scroll down to keep reading.

'I'm A Horse Girl'

Jenner's love of horses runs deep. She has at least two horses of her own, a mare named Megan and a steed named Dragon. Riding is a lifelong passion for Jenner, who has described herself as a 'horse girl.' When time allows, she spends the day riding and enjoying her horses. At age twelve, she got her first pony and even considered becoming a professional equestrian. Jenner's affection for horses has also led her to costar with them in advertising and modeling work, and she has advocated for nonprofits that work with horses.

Even though her glamorous life isn't something everyone understands, most of us can identify with her gentle love for her pets.