Leonardo DiCaprio Sells Historic California Home

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Tiara Winter-Schorr

Leonardo DiCaprio, the Oscar-winning actor who recently starred in Don't Look Up, has sold two of his California properties. He holds an impressive real estate portfolio that began with his first purchase in the 1990s and expanded with his 2018 purchase of Red Oak Manor.

The Los Feliz home was built almost a century ago, in 1926, and sits on a densely wooded quarter-acre lot. DiCaprio reportedly snagged the manor for a family member and was likely grateful for the privacy offered by the secluded setting. The manor also boasts 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a hidden passageway, a pool and spa, and an outdoor eating area.

Los Feliz Property Reinvented By DJ Moby

Living area with fireplace
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DJ Moby, who bought the property in 2016, spent two years reimagining and renovating the property. He preserved key architectural details while infusing modern and minimalist design sensibilities. The glass doors and large windows lend an extra layer of brightness to the white interiors, while the groin-vaulted ceilings give the rooms a palatial feeling. DiCaprio has not altered the property in any significant way, and it is unlikely that he ever lived there himself.

Fireplaces & Pool Among Many Architectural Gems

Outdoor dining area
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The stand-out architectural elements include the pool, three fireplaces with original moldings, and the archways. Modern additions such as a gym, an office space, and a yoga loft balance out the needs of working professionals.

DiCaprio Loses Money But Continues to Invest

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DiCaprio paid $4.9 million for the property back in 2018 and listed it for sale in August of 2021. When his original asking price of $5.75 million didn't attract buyers, the price was reduced two times, finally reaching $4.895 million. The lower price finally brought in buyers, and the sale was listed as contingent by March of 2022. He lost a small amount of money in the transaction.

Malibu Beachfront Home Sells in November of 2021

DiCaprio's love of real estate shows no signs of slowing down. Back in November of 2021, he also sold a beachfront Malibu home. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home is a modest 1,765 square feet but offers sweeping views of the ocean. He bought the property for $10 million in September of 2021 and sold a few months later at $10.3 million, effectively netting himself a small profit. Despite these sales, his love of California hasn't waned either, as the actor recently purchased new homes in both Los Feliz and Malibu.