Super Model Elle Macpherson In Swimsuit Opens Up On Beauty Routine

Elle Macpherson
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Elle Macpherson's evergreen beauty is astonishing, and it is pretty impressive that the supermodel has been able to maintain her good looks impeccably. In one of her many Instances show-offs, Elle flaunted her youthful hue to ten delight of her 600k plus Instagram followers who did not hesitate to drool with admiration. The fashion icon rocked a trendy bikini look while letting tabs in on what her beauty routine looked like.

Check out her stunning post.

Elle's Fountain Of Youth

Elle Macpherson
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The media star bared her shapely body in a stylish bathing suit designed with cutouts that accentuated her willowy figure. Elle's black swimwear contrasted the white background as she raised both arms to her head to display the complete design of her outfit. 

The cutouts on the one-piece formed a crisscross line of exposing her belly button, parts of her midriff, and rib cage area. The lovely fit also had a one-shoulder sling with two straps, making them look even more tantalizing. The 50-year-old star had her hair slicked into a low ponytail as she sported minimal makeup. The only jewelry visible on her was a tiny pair of stud earrings and a tiny bracelet on her left wrist.

Elle's Wholesome Beauty Routine

Elle Macpherson
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Elle put it perfectly in her caption as she indicated that wellness from within was the authentic beauty routine. The businesswoman stated categorically that her secret to healthy and glowing skin was a wellness routine "disguised as a beauty routine." The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit star said about herself:

"When I turned 50, I started to notice so many changes in my body. I was sugar-addicted, sleep-deprived, adrenal-stressed… and it showed…." 

The star, who was dubbed "The Body" in her heyday, stated that it was at this point that she decided to do better about her wellbeing. So, Elle changed her lifestyle, introducing "The Super Elixir green diligently every day, and everything changed!" Fan wasted no time gushing over her body in the comments section as many thought she drank from the "fountain of youth."

How She Maintain Her Figure

Elle Macpherson
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Elle has not aged a bit, and it is evident in the youthful hue on her face and skin. How does she do it? According to Inquisitr, the star has shared that she depends on exercise and a healthy diet. The 5ft11 model also credited her good genes for being of great help. Through her forties, Elle stayed away from her job as a fashion figure while giving birth and raising two sons. However, she was able to bounce back in due time. The star stated that she did not have any plastic surgery done after having her children. She added that although she sometimes felt self-conscious, she always celebrated the level of wellness she attained.

On Her Wellness Essentials

Elle Macpherson
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It is safe to say that Elle sees wellness as an essential part of her life that should be minded at all times. For this reason, she carries some wellness items in her bag, which she recently revealed. Speaking to Marie Claire Australia, the 57-year-old stated that her bag was "everything." The mom-of-two added that her bag carried everything dear to her. While rummaging through her bag, The Body showed off her stress reliever in the shape of a bear, a collection of feathers gifted by one of her sons, her caro coin purse, guitar packs, affirmation cards, and her journal.