Billie Eilish Shows Off Ocean Eyes

Close up of Billie Eilish
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Teen sensation Billie Eilish, famous for her song Ocean Eyesgave her 101 million Instagram followers a glimpse into her inspiration. The 20-year-old who went blonde at the beginning of her new (Happier than Ever) era is now back to her signature black hair, which she rocked for her latest magazine spread. Billie's V Magazine feature revealed some intimate details about the singer, and if you want to find out some of them, keep reading.

Billie Shows Off Ocean Eyes

Billie shared a picture of her fresh face which we suspect is a colored resolution of her V Magazine photoshoot. Her glossy black hair styled into a scanty fringe and pinned back curly wave frames her piercing ice-blue eyes reminding us of her hit single Ocean Eyes. She declares that her love is as vast as a lagoon in the accompanying caption as she stares into the camera. Billie's face is makeup-free except for a peachy rose lip gloss she slicked over her lips.

V Magazine Interview

For her V Magazine cover, Billie wore a button-up collared black t-shirt, which is very on-brand since she loves to cover her body. The issue titled Billie in Bloom covers intimate details about her early days as a teen Indie pop star and her metamorphosis into youthfulness. Billie's first major revelation was about her Sleep Paralysis and how it influenced her feelings about going out. The nightmares stopped her from falling asleep peacefully, so she relied on meditation apps to induce rest.

"And I would listen to that meditation app every single time I needed to take a breath and not think about the horrors that were going on in my mind."

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Bilie Elish performs in a red light reflection
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One would think Billie could've hired security to help her social anxiety but as she put it,

"I was at the level of fame that need security, but also the level of fame where you don't really have the resources."

Now that she can afford a security team, the Billie Bosa Nova singer isn't so scared to go out anymore, and she's worked through therapy to deal with her nightmares and sleep paralysis.

Same Old Billie

Billie Eilish ad her brother Finneas perform in the Netherlands
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Has fame changed Billie? No. She still has the same best friends and maintains a loving relationship with her family, especially her older brother Finneas, a major collaborator in her music.

The 20-year-old is the youngest ever entertainer set to headline Coachella this summer. Check out the lineup below.