Olympian Kelly Sildaru In Bikini Shows Longboard Skills

Kelly Sildaru smiling at the camera for a selfie.
instagram | Kelly Sildaru

Cha Miñoza

Kelly Sildaru likes to explore her other skills when she is not busy training for the Olympics.

The ski pro, who bagged a historic win at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, has a lot more talent to offer. In an Instagram post, Sildaru revealed that she also does pretty well on a longboard, impressing her 120k followers.

Scroll down to see Sildaru's longboard skills.

Skater Girl

"Rolling through this week like," Sildaru captioned her post above.

In the photo, the Estonian beauty can be seen riding a longboard on a pump track, with her long, blonde hair swept in the wind. She was wearing a string bikini top paired with black denim shorts and a pair of Vans slip-on shoes.

Fans were impressed with her longboarding skills and sent her praises in the comments.

"You look amazing Kelly 😊😊🤗🤗," one fan said.

"OMG I'm in love," another one said.

Learning To Surf

Longboarding is not her only hobby outside of skiing. Sildaru also learned how to surf last year. She documented her surfing adventure in Portugal in her YouTube vlog, which also showed her touring the places she visited in the country.

Being an athlete, Sildaru makes sure that she remains physically active throughout the year. Being at the beach is a great change of scenery for the Olympian, who is always training on the slopes.

She Can Chill Too

But it's not all extreme adventures for the 20-year-old skiing legend. When she is off-duty, she also likes to spend time on the green, as she is an avid golf fan.

Another chill pastime Sildaru loves - snuggling with her dog. In an interview after her victory at the Olympics, she shared that she was most looking forward to reuniting with her husky Kira, who has her own Instagram account.

"I miss her so much," Sildaru said. "When I'm like travelling in Europe, then we're sometimes travelling by car so I could bring her with me. Yeah, I miss her, but I can go home soon and snuggle her."

Dog Mom

"When I won the X Games Medal, I tried it on on her. Maybe I should do the same thing with the Olympic medal," Sildaru added.

She hasn't updated her followers yet if Kira has experienced wearing her Olympic bronze medal. But, the adorable duo has been captured walking together in Sildaru's recent Instagram post.

The athlete geotagged a photo in Lapland, Finland, where she is walking her furbaby, who looked as excited as she is for their adventure ahead.