Penelope Cruz Walks The Red Carpet In Graphic Print Chanel Maxi Dress

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Penelope Cruz, 47, busy movie year takes her across the world to different red carpet events, and you trust fashion house Chanel, to be there every step of the way. Being an ambassador of such a fashion powerhouse has its perks because the actress hasn't missed once on the carpet, and her most recent look isn't any different. Penelope wore a maxi dress from the Chanel Resort 2022 collection.

Official Competition Premiere

Penelope Cruz attends Official Competition  Movie Premiere
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Penelope's black and white entrance was a vision to behold as her maxi dress commanded attention on the carpet. The floral Chanel print dress had so much going, yet it wasn't overwhelming. First, the schoolgirl flap in plain black stood out, accentuating her long neck devoid of any necklace. Then, the flared sleeves covered her slender arms, barring any need for a piece of hand jewelry. So, the only accessories she wore were dropping chandelier earrings and a black clutch purse. The graphic prints on her dress consisted of the fashion house's name - CHANEL.

Lady Chanel

Penelope Cruz attends the Official Competititon movie premier
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Although her dress covered her feet, Penelope wore black peep-toe velvet platform heels with ankle straps. She also painted her toes a bright red to add a sultry pop of color to her monochrome outfit. So for every stride she took, you could catch a glimpse of the sexy hue through the front slit on her maxi dress. The velvet sandals were also from Casa Chanel, same as her chandelier earrings. There's no doubt Penelope is a Chanel lady through and through.

Competencia Oficial (Official Competition)

Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz
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Penelope stars alongside her longtime friend Antonio Banderas in this satirical comedy about two business rivals who'd do anything to get ahead of each other. What started as an idea on paper in Antonio's London house became a worldwide phenomenon four years later. The filmmakers Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat said,

"We didn't know what we were going to do until we though of describing the process of acting, which had not been seen in any movie. We wanted them to perform a drama. In all of our movies we ask our actors to refrain from being comical, no matter how comical the situation may be."

Watch The Trailer Below

Official Competition Cast
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Here's a brief synopsis before you watch the trailer below. A billionaire businessman wants to spend his money on a movie to leave a lasting impact on the world. To achieve that, he hires an award-winning filmmaker (Penelope Cruz), and she brings her movie stars, Hollywood heartthrob (Antonio Banderas), and a theater thespian (Oscar Martinez). Needless to say, their egos clash, and they make the filming process a living hell for the director. So, she devises weird competitions for them during the filming course to behave.