Olympian Kristen Santos Flaunts Toned Legs Doing Lunges

Close up of Kristen Santos during the Short-track speed skating at the Beijing Olympics
Getty | Xinhua News Agency

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Olympic short track speed skater Kristen Santos, 27, crashed on her final run during the just-concluded Winter Olympics, derailing her dreams of getting one of the coveted medals. While it was a sad event, she's forgiven herself for a mistake that was beyond her control and decided to look positively at the future possibilities of her career henceforth.

Ready To Take On The Olympics

Before the devastating crash that ended her Olympic medal dreams, Kristen put in so much work at the gym. The short-track speed skater worked out her legs in an intense weighted lunges routine. She used a KT Tape for support as she leaned one leg on her workout bench while pulsing down on the other knee. A mere look at Kristen's small frame wouldn't betray the immense strength the speed skater wields.

You can see her muscles contract and relax from her tiny sports shorts and loose-fitted tee-shirt. Kristen appears to be a stickler for rules as she observes Covid-19 protocol and does her set in a grey nose mask.

Working Those Thighs And Glutes

Weighted lunges aren't the only exercise the 27-year-old engages in to build leg strength and stamina. Last summer, Kristen attended Bike Camp at Utah to train her thigh muscles and glutes.

When she wasn't riding her bicycle uphill, Kristen ran track in short spandex shorts and TEAM USA tank top with her hair tied in a low ponytail. She had high hopes for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics like many athletes this year; unfortunately, it wasn't her year to clinch a medal.

It's a good thing that's not all that defines her, as she's earned Gold Medals at other competitions.

Heartfelt Message To Fans

Kristen made peace with her fourth-place finish due to the unfortunate crash on her last run two weeks ago. Regardless of the disappointing turnout, the 27-year-old is looking forward to a more positive year and putting the past behind her.

"Not gunna lie, being in medal position going into the last lap and crashing is absolutely heartbreaking, especially when you know you had more to give. And while 4th place hurts, I’m trying to channel this girl right here who knows she’s strong and has all the power in the world to medal in her next race."

Still A Star

Last fall, Kristen won two Gold Medals at the Short Track World Cup in Japan. It was her first-ever win at the 1000m distance women's race, and we look forward to her winning more medals and world cups.