Khloe Kardashian Flaunts Tiny Waist In Good American

Close up of Khloe Kardashian
Getty | Robert Kamau

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Khloe Kardashian is not letting up with her fashion brand GOOD American as she keeps dropping back-to-back capsule collections. Only two weeks ago, the fashion influencer and reality TV star released a bodysuit and swimsuit collection named GOOD SCUBA and GOOD SWIM, respectively.

The white bodysuit snatches her body perfectly while the GOOD Denim boyfriend T-shirt highlights her toned arms and thighs.

According to the GOOD American mantra,

"You have a Good Body. Know it, love it, flaunt it. @khloekardashian in the Scuba Modern Tank Bodysuit and the Boyfriend Shirt."

New Collection Alert

The new GOOD SKATE collection dropped yesterday, and it's absolutely gorgeous. It has the perfect outfits for chilled fashionistas who don't like to do too much, yet they grab attention in every room you enter.

Model Dosha Deng wears this multilayered set effortlessly as she leans back and flaunts her washboard abs. The model glows in a long-sleeved boyfriend jacket and loose-fitted pants, which she layers with a short-sleeved pleather button-up t-shirt. She shows off her bosoms in a knitted triangle bikini peeking out of the unbuttoned t-shirts.

"DROPS TOMORROW: GOOD SKATE – rewrite the rules in denim as laidback and sexy as you are."

A Returning Aesthetic

Bianca Feliciano at a Maybelline Commercial
Getty | Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin

One recurrent theme with the GOOD American brand is the 90s casual aesthetic that Khloe claims to love more than anything else. Well, with these many collections drawing inspiration from the era, we don't doubt it one bit.

Bianca Feliciano embodies the chic tomboy aesthetic in this loose-fitting nude denim pants, cropped tank top, and multicolored sneakers. Her wet-style brown hair and nude makeup complete the look as she hangs lightly on the giant support in her background.

"JUST DROPPED: GOOD SKATE – keep your style sexy and your fits loose in our latest drop. Available in sizes 00-32 Plus."

Down To Earth

Gabrielle Richardson during Fashion Week
Getty | Melodie Jeng

Gabrielle Richardson brings it down to Earth in this all-brown ensemble. Braids, Check. Unzipped Bomber jacket, Check. Loose low-rise GOOD SKATE denim pants; double-check. Two-toned sneakers and Attitude on lock. She looks like, the exact embodiment of the collection like the official Instagram page duly noted.

The Nineties Are Back In Style

The GOOD SKATE collection models did the outfits justice, making you want to run into the nearest store and grab one for yourself. The Nineties skater chic aesthetic is back in style thanks to Khloe Kardashian. It kind of makes us wonder what more surprises she has up her sleeves.