‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ 16-Minute Gameplay Demo Hits [Video]

A 16-minute Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay demo has hit, showing off the Gotham City Police Department and the Batcave. The prequel to the Arkham series is certainly an ambitious one, in that it expands Batman’s turf to cover the entire city of Gotham with multiple levels and a more open world environment.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Batman: Arkham Origins brings the dark knight back to his second year cleaning up the crime, and he hasn’t yet met Gotham City’s more insane elements, but he’s certainly gotten their attention. It’s Christmas Eve, and the Black Mask has put a price on Batman’s head which has attracted some mercenaries, some of whom Batman will have a long history with.

Among the villains introduced in Batman: Arkham Origins are the Joker, Bane, and Catwoman, while some new challenges lie with Deathstroke, Firefly, the Electrocutioner, and Copperhead. It’s possible that future DLC might also add Killer Croc and Lady Shiva to the list of villains after Batman’s head.

Unlike most previous trailers which focused on Batman and his first major villains, the 16-minute Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay demo focuses more on the places said villains might never see in their later years. First off, the developers give us a taste of the combat by showing us that the dark knight still occasionally breaks up gatherings of common criminals, something that brought him to Black Mask’s attention in the first place.

'Batman: Arkham Origins' pits Batman against the Black Mask and his assassins
‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ pits Batman against the Black Mask and his assassins

The developers of Batman: Arkham Origins explain that Batman is at odds with the Gotham City Police Department, and as such, they mostly want him behind bars or dead. After all, he is a costumed vigilante beating people up without their authorization at this point. Going up against the police is the last thing he wants to do, though they certainly want it.

The video has Batman at a point where he’s about to go after the Black Mask, and he still has eight assassins after him. He takes the Batwing back to the Batcave to grab a gadget called the concussion detonator, which his butler Alfred tells him will do less damage to the people he doesn’t want to harm, such as civil servants.

The Batcave, the Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay demo explains, is where you can access challenge maps, use the Batwing for fast travel across the expanse of Gotham City, and use the computer to do research on the villains and such that you’ll face. The workbench is where you’ll find gadgets that apparently Alfred works on while you’re out.

Batman’s goal in the demo is to infiltrate the Gotham City Police Department and gather intel on the villains he’s actually after. In the process, Alfred reminds him that the men he’s beating up are people he may need later and he should try to be a bit less violent with them.

What do you think of the Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay demo? Are you planning on picking up this latest adventure in the dark knight’s video game storyline?