Courteney Cox Learns How To Dance

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Courteney Cox, 57, took a brief detour to entertain fans with a dance lesson during her recent directing duty. The Friend's actress asked one of the casts to teach her how to dance, and he happily obliged. This video comes a few days after fans accused her of looking bored during an interview causing her to walk off the set.

Dancing And Directing

The best days at work are when you have fun doing what you love, and Courteney has mastered the art. She burst some moves in an impromptu choreography session with her castmate for an undisclosed commercial. The pair danced to Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk - a jazz upbeat tempo song.

Her leg twists and spins earned commendations from fans in the comment as they showered her with praise. One commenter said, "there's not a chance that I can love this any more than I already do," while another said, "you're so cute. Omg 🥰 love seeing how you changed your dancing skills since dancing with Bruce Springsteen, haha."

One follower notably pointed out that she was filming in the Scream mansion, important information considering the rumors that a new installment of the cult classic is in production.

Courteney Also Loves To Sing

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The actress shared a funny video of her daughter Coco rejecting her offer to join a family night of music-making. Courteney claims the teenager wouldn't do anything with her anymore, yet she [Coco] says she loves her [Courteney]. In an unexpected twist of event, the actress turned director captions the video, "At least she knows how to say no," haha.

Since Coco declined her invitation, Courteney plays the piano alone with Joel Taylor strumming his guitar.

Showing Love On V-Day

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This Valentine, Courteney posted some pictures of herself and her partner of eight years, Johnny McDaid declaring her love for the Snow Patrol band member. The couple who've been going strong since 2013 got engaged a year after but broke it off almost immediately. That, however, didn't influence their relationship negatively as they continue to wax stronger in love.

Courteney On Her Relationship With Johnny

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid
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The 57-year-old did a cover story for PEOPLE Magazine talking about her love life in a rare moment of vulnerability. She said the primary lesson she's learned about love is not to take a lot personally because "Love is Precious." She then showers her lover with adulations calling him sexy, caring, smart, a great listener, amongst other sweet compliments.