Olympian Kelly Sildaru In Bathing Suit Teases Surfing Vlog

Close up of Kelly Sildaru
Wikimedia | Leonprimer


Kelly Sildaru proves she's more than a Skiing champion with her YouTube channel showing parts of her life previously unknown to the world. Last year, the Estonian skiing champion took a trip to Portugal and learned to surf for the first time in her life. Like a fish to water, Kelly took to surfing in an impressive debut one would think she was performing her free ski runs.

Watch the Vlog down below.

Surfing Vlog

The Olympian waits till evening (around 4:00 pm) when the waves are smaller to get into action. She wears a full scuba suit and flaps around on her surfboard in the water. The crashing waves soak her hair, but she seems like she's enjoying the moment.

Kelly poses in a black one-piece bathing suit holding her hand out in a wave to the camera as she urges her followers to watch her YouTube channel. The photo has a grainy resolution giving it a retro look much like Sildaru's bathing suit design - the upper body is a V-neck with matte material. In contrast, the lower part has a glossy material.

Kelly shares a photo on her Instagram of her surfboard and incredible body.

Travel Vlogging Results

Travel vlogging is hard work and fun combined, but there's nothing more fulfilling for a creator than seeing results turn out the way you've envisioned them. Doesn't it feel good to watch the process and see the result commensurate with the effort? Remember the Portugal Vlog? The picture below is from the day Kelly went on a shopping trip. We love to see this.

Kelly Feeds Bikini Body With Pizza

Kelly enjoys a box of pizza on the beach in a pink bikini. Who doesn't love the Italian staple with lots of cheese and any topping your heart desires? She sits in a meditative yoga pose folding her legs as she leans forward to take a bite of her delicious meal. The Estonian styles her blonde hair in a smooth low bun while covering her upper body with a cropped jumper. Kelly's outfit choice displays her toned abs since her mid-riff is bare.

Enjoying The Last Moments Of Summer

Most people who love the beach as much as Kelly says their favorite season is Summertime. You get the chance to enjoy the warm weather wearing as little as possible and soaking in the Sun in bikinis and sundresses. Well, Summer doesn't last forever so, Kelly takes in the moment wearing this beautiful chocolate brown bikini.

The bandeau-style top and high-rise bikini flaunt her tight abs as she sits on the lake's fence. Kelly looks fresh out of the water since her body is glistening and her hair is wet.