Olympian Lindsey Vonn In Bikini Declares Her Vacation Type

Lindsey Von in a blush Pink Outfit at the Bad Boys Premiere
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Every hard worker deserves break time doing something they love, and ex-Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn took one for herself. The 34-year-old takes to the beach and ocean to unwind after a stressful period. We can't say which of its elements appeal to her the most - Is it the open water or the bikinis that flaunt her gym-defined body? It could be both, after all, but whichever it is, we don't mind seeing this beauty in swimsuits all year long.

Once A Pro, Forever A Pro

Lindsey Vonn skiing the Alpines
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In this red three-piece swimsuit, Lindsey is a dream as the red bra highlights her creamy light skin flawlessly. The design has two whimsical strings connecting a V-neckline above her bra cup and a similar style on the bottom of the bikini. She accentuates her sturdy abs with the V-string waistband on her full pant. You can only see the top, though, because Lindsey covers her lower body with a matching sarong tied diagonally.

She styles her blonde hair in a messy ponytail and covers her eyes with a big framed black sunglass. Like the pro she is, the retired Olympic skier balances on a narrow line with one foot while holding an Island drink in one hand. Apparently, this is her "kind of Vacation."


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Working Out The Fruity Cocktails

A girl's got to stay fit no matter her location, and that's what the Olympic champion did. After a content week indulging in fruity cocktails and other vacation treats, Lindsey works it out on the beach. Wearing a white sports bra and black mini-shorts, she stretches her back muscles and burns the fat in her abs.

She styles her hair in two fishtail braids while doing equipment-assisted pull-ups and pushups. Lindsey's routine is intense because she does it all suspended mid-air instead of the traditional ground laying style.

Lindsey Learns Kiteboarding

If there's one thing Lindsey Vonn will do, it's try out new things. Since professional skiing is over for her, the ex-Olympian channels her energy towards new and exciting sports like surfing, and in this case, Kiteboarding.

She cited Neruda in her caption, expressing that "I [She] needs the sea because it teaches me [her]." Well, that's a good mindset to have because it means she'll age in wisdom.

Word To The Haters

Lindsey Vonn in a champagne asymmetrical hemline dress at the ESPYS
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Some people find her bikini pictures offensive in a not-so-strange turn of events because she's "old" (as if). Well, if you think that way, here's a special message from Lindsey to you,

"You can judge me if you want, but I’ve been working hard in the gym and taking care of me.... so I’m going to post some bikini pics because I’m proud of myself."

She ends the message with a note to "Be Yourself."