Elizabeth Hurley Stuns In Candy Pink Dress For World Cancer Prevention Day

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Elizabeth Hurley is a festive vision to behold in this hot pink SS22 Versace minidress. The cowl neck and hip-high slit leave little to the imagination as the 56-year-old spread Christmas cheer with her two million-plus followers on Instagram.

The actress proves that age is a mind construct as she wears a youthful headband with two silver confetti puffs. Determined not to let her ankle injury ruin her festive spirit, Liz Hurley turns her leg brace into an accessory. Genius!

February Is Cancer Awareness Month

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Elizabeth teased silky-smooth legs, sitting pretty in a cocktail blush pink dress with her brown hair styled in a straight side part. The actress shared only bikini pictures from her Swimwear collection Elizabeth Hurley Beach for a while now. However, she detoured from her summer reminisce to bring attention to a serious matter – February is National Cancer Prevention Month.

Getting Candid With TODAY

Elizabeth Hurley in a Pink One arm maxi dress for Cancer Awareness Month
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When the launch of Estée Lauder Companies’ Pink Ribbon coincided with her grandmother’s death from breast cancer, the English actress knew it was time to speak up. Before the initiative, women scarcely spoke about the fatal disease even though it was a common illness amongst the demographic. Speaking to Today, the 56-year-old expressed her regrets at how people treated Breast Cancer in the 90s and early 2000s. She believes “things might’ve been different” if her granny were diagnosed in this modern age.

A Word From The Desk Of The Global Ambassador For Estée Lauder Companies

Elizabeth Hurley in a multi keyhole cut pink dress
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Accepting the past and getting the courage to move on, Elizabeth encouraged her followers and friends to check their breasts regularly. Here’s what she had to say,

“With World Cancer Day coming up on the 4th February, I want to encourage everybody to check their breasts regularly. Breast cancer is now the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide and, as the Global Ambassador for [Estée Lauder Companies] Breast Cancer Campaign, I know the call to help and breast cancer is more urgent than ever.”

She went further, writing,

“Self-checking is a crucial way to detect breast cancer early and improve survival rates – I check mine at the beginning of every month….”

Check Your Breasts Every Month

Elizabeth Hurley in a cross sleeve pink silk dress
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Elizabeth is very vocal about her support for Breast Cancer Awareness, has never missed a moment to spread the word, and looks fabulous doing so. Every October (Breast Cancer Awareness month,) the English actress whips out the pink dresses from her wardrobe and educates everybody on the necessity of testing and regular checks.

Check out some of her awareness campaign moments in the past years below.