CrossFit Athlete Brooke Wells Flaunts Insane Abs With Scar Update

Brooke Wells smiles in close-up selfie
instagram | Brooke Wells

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Alexandra Lozovschi

CrossFit athlete Brooke Wells had an elbow surgery update for her Instagram fans earlier this month, proudly displaying her scar along with her sculpted abs in a post that clocked in over 70,600 likes. Shared in the "New Year, new me" spirit, the photo uploaded on January 6 proved that, despite the unexpected developments at the 2021 CrossFit Games, some things will never change for the 26-year-old powerhouse. It also presented her 1.6 million followers with a great chance to peek at her shredded tummy, although the majority of comments were to show support rather than compliment her toned physique.

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Rock-Hard Abs On Show

Brooke Wells shows off her tight abs in black gym top and orange shorts for bathroom selfie.
instagram | Brooke Wells

Wells' insane abs were on show in the photo geotagged at the CrossFit Trivium gym in Brentwood, Tennessee, in which the professional athlete showcased her "new scar" while assuring fans she still had "the same goal" in spite of her recent surgery. Flexing her biceps with her arm lifted over her head, the Missouri native proved "nothing can stop me," all the while flaunting her muscular figure in a strappy black gym top and matching bottoms.

The athlete severely injured her elbow during Event 12 at the 2021 CrossFit Games in early August and had to withdraw from the competition, later confirming she would need reconstructive surgery for the dislocation.

Wells further demonstrated her relentlessness in the caption, which included hashtags such as "CrossFitGames," "2022," and "ElbowSurgery," with many of her followers reaching out in the comments section to reassure her that "scars are way cooler than tattoos" and she should wear her "battle scar" proudly.

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Elbow Updates

Wells has been candid about her post-surgery recovery, posting frequent updates over the past months. The seven-time CrossFit Games athlete shared details of her injury two weeks after it happened, explaining: "There is a complete tear of the muscle and ligaments on the inner side of the elbow (UCL), which caused the dislocation."

Taking to Instagram as she awaited surgery, the 26-year-old continued: "A high-grade tear of the lateral collateral, and the flexer [sic] tendon was pulled of [sic] the bone. There was no fracture, or no surface damage to the joint."

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Since then, Wells has been consistently keeping fans in the loop about her progress and what she does to "stay mentally and physically sharp as I work through my rehab."

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Keeping Fit

Brooke Wells shows off her muscular torso in light-gray gym top and red shorts.
instagram | Brooke Wells

Wells hasn't let her elbow injury slow her down. If anything, she has ramped up the physical training, telling fans in November: "After the first month of rehab in Los Angeles, I've been primarily back in Nashville doing PT 3-5 days per week."

That same month, she shared a collection of workout videos featuring a close-up view of her scar, which she dubbed "the new addition to my arm," along with a detailed gym session tailored for shoulders and elbows.

"this PT is great for shoulders & elbows. if you’re having elbow or shoulder pain (or even if you aren’t!!), use these exercises to strengthen that area UP," she wrote in the caption.

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Getting A Good Sweat In

Brooke Wells takes a workout selfie outdoors in sweaty gray gym top and sunglasses.
instagram | Brooke Wells

While she may have been training her arms more extensively as of late, it's no question that Wells is fit from head to toe. According to Muscle & Fitness, her favorite muscles to work on are her quads and hamstrings.

The CrossFit Athlete, who ranked 9th worldwide in last year's Open, regularly shares her workouts on Instagram, usually with ample descriptions of her routines in the caption. Just last week, she posted a video of her EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) workout, detailing a 10-minute session of "2 reps of 1 & 1/4th Front Squat" and a 30-minute one comprised of "15 Wallballs, 12 Cal Ski, 9 Hang Power Clean" with three bonus sets of 10 dumbbell bench presses each.

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Secret Behind Her Steel Abs

Brooke Wells flaunts ripped abs in patterned white-and-orange bikini for bathroom mirror selfie.
instagram | Brooke Wells

Browsing her Instagram page, it's clear that Wells owes her steel abs to EMOM, with the athlete typically picking workouts that strengthen her core.

"When I’m in a funk & don’t know where to begin in the gym, I do an EMOM," she confessed back in December, sharing a six-part slideshow to illustrate the various exercises she does.

"Pick a few movements you would like to do & a rep number that will take 30-45 seconds. You get a good effective workout with built in [sic] rest 🙏🏼," Wells recommended, before getting into details about her 28-minute EMOM that included "10 Box Step Overs; 10 Calorie Standing Bike; 100’ Sled Push; 12 Calorie Row."

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The athlete previously discussed nutrition and what she eats to stay fit, telling her following: "Food is also key. Food is FUEL. I fuel my body for performance & the way it looks is just a result."

Wells further explained: "It makes me so sad to think so many people think that eating is the enemy! That could not be farther from the truth. I eat so much, & it is a serious part of my recovery & being prepared for all of my training."