Lea Bouard Shares Magical Moments In Bikini

Lea Bouard enjoys a day at the beach in a floral shirt
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Léa Bouard took some time off skiing to commune with nature, and the champion freeskier testifies that it was a soul-soothing experience. She traded the multilayered clothing style typical to her preferred winter sport for a scantily clad summer bikini style. While we love watching her do her thing on the alpines, we don’t appreciate the layered look that hides her amazing physique. That’s not saying Bouard doesn’t look pretty in her skiing uniform, but we love the toned look she displayed on the sailboat.

A Free Spirit

Lea Bouard in skiing gear during the 2018 Olympics
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Léa doesn’t have shredded abs like some athletes, but her skiing-toned body is worth a double-take. The 25-year-old German skier embodies a free spirit as she threads dangerously on the sailboat’s railing, observing a sunset in the distance. She wears a two-piece brown bathing suit but covers her lower body with a sheer pink scarf.

Although she stands barefoot on the boat’s railings, Léa holds on to the sail for support. She adds a brown raffia hat with a white ribbon to complete the outfit as she reminisces on her time at sea.


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A Most Serene Holiday

“Those moments… those memories… forever in my head and heart,” she wrote. “Two weeks ago, I was on this beautiful sailboat for two days and one night of the captain @phil_de_pan. I spent magical moments, and I am so grateful you can live simple moments like that with wonderful people!” she added.

Léa undoubtedly enjoyed her mini-vacation with those strangers because she added that her “soul was at rest” then shared more sailboat pictures of herself.

El Capitàn

Bouard got into the sailboat vibe, enjoying a breezy afternoon in a white hammock. Still wearing a mismatched brown and black bikini, she lays on her right side holding a black wine glass-shaped cup as she smiles into the camera. Léa also wears a captain’s hat to fit the sailboat’s name El Capitàn as she flaunts her long legs. The sun reflects on her skin, forming a golden hue and adding shine to her blonde hair. She fills the Insta post’s caption with hashtags on living her best life and enjoying the summer at sea – as if there was any doubt from the snaps we saw.

Expert Back Flip

If you thought Léa’s freestyle routines in the snow were flawless, wait till you see her backflip into the ocean in an orange bikini. She proclaims via her caption that cliff jumping is a regular activity for her since the beach is “3 minutes” away from her home in Mallorca. She’s impressive, but we wouldn’t try that.