Season Five Trailer Of '1000-Lb.Sisters' Shows Tammy Slaton Returning From Rehab To A Chaotic Home

Season Five Trailer Of '1000-Lb.Sisters' Shows Tammy Slaton Returning From Rehab To A Chaotic Home
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1000-Lb.Sisters is returning for season five and the new trailer just dropped revealing the Slaton sisters facing new challenges in their lives. In the upcoming season of the hit TLC reality show, Tammy Slaton is making her way home after spending 14 months at a weight-loss recovery center. But she soon returns to a completely chaotic environment, not only is her husband Caleb Willingham having trouble maintaining his weight loss back at the rehab facility, but her sister Amy’s marriage to her husband of 6 years, Michael Halterman, is imploding. 


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The beginning of Tammy's return is positive as she joyfully shares: “I lost 300 lbs. And I’m ready to conquer the world." Despite the fact that Willingham has not yet received approval for discharge from Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio, where they met and eventually got married, she claims she cannot imagine leaving without him. In the shared clip, the TLC star's homecoming is initially greeted with humor and joy. Tammy loses it when she and Amy, 36, can't seem to open a container of pickles. “You got two children, I thought you knew how to handle a pickle.” To which Amy instantly shoots back, “I’m used to the bigger pickles,” causing both sisters to laugh hard. “She’s been around a lot of pickles,” Later, Tammy clarifies, causing the reunited sisters to burst into laughter once more. As per People, half-sisters Amanda and Misty reveal that they are requesting approval for weight-reduction surgery—a procedure Tammy had in 2022 and Amy in 2020—weight loss is also a family concern this season.


“Do we get a family discount?” Amy can be seen talking to the camera. Though Amy can tell a joke quickly, the preview reveals that she is having a great deal of difficulty running the family and raising her two young children, Glenn Allen, age one, and Gage Dean, age three. “I am very overwhelmed, stressed-out, and Michael ain’t doing s—,” she says. “Every aspect of my life is chaotic because I have no support.” Amy can be seen sobbing as she informs her family that her marriage is still failing.  “I’m exhausted all the time because I’m trying to take care of two boys and take care of the house.” “You have a husband that is perfectly capable of taking care of these kids for you to have a moment,” half-sister Amanda can be seen trying to console Amy — while Michael stands close by with hands in his pockets, as Amy sobs.


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“I feel like I’m at my breaking point,” Amy can be seen confessing later. However, everything blows out in their living room when Amanda approaches Michael and yells at him to give Amy her debit card or she'll call the cops. “I ain’t giving her s—,” Michael retorts, walking away, prompting Amy to say, “No, he’s got two seconds to get his s— and get out of my house.” While sister Misty tries to calm things down, Tammy can be seen calling for help. “I’m calling the police. I’m not f—playing,” she says. Meanwhile, Tammy can be seen worrying about her late husband's health: “It bothers me that he’s backsliding,” Tammy says. “I don’t know if he has the strength to do this on his own.” A few months later, in July, Willingham passed away. The couple was apparently estranged at the time of his death, and the cause of his death was never disclosed. The preview ends with Tammy saying: “I didn’t know coming home, the world was going to fall apart.”

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