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Pepsi’s Creation Museum Ad Results In Boycotts

Pepsi's Creation Museum partnership has some consumers naturally selecting other products.

Pepsi’s Creation Museum ad is resulting in backlash from consumers. The ad, seen on the back of a Pepsi delivery truck and shared on Reddit, has quickly gone viral, and consumers are calling for Pepsi to end any connection with the museum, where exhibits claim to show that evolution never happened and humans lived side-by-side… Read more »

‘American Sniper’ Criticism Costs Chaplain His Job

'American Sniper' Gets Pastor Fired, Or Rather His Interpretation Of It

American Sniper and the controversy it created has just about worn off. The film has polarized America mostly on the conservative-liberal dividing line, but the daily headlines do seem to be wearing down now that the Academy Awards are over. However, that could be about to change when you hear what happened to Christian chaplain… Read more »