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Lunar Eclipses And Blood Moons: Has The End Finally Begun?

Does the upcoming lunar tetrad eclipses signal the end of days?

Tonight marks not only the first lunar eclipse of 2014, but also the first in a series of four total lunar eclipses that will stretch into autumn of next year. The phenomenon, known as a “lunar tetrad”, is “four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each of which is separated… Read more »

Americans Are Losing Faith In The Bible According To Recent Poll

The Bible

Americans are losing faith in the Bible, continuing humanity’s slow awakening from a long superstitious slumber. According to the American Bible Society’s latest “State of the Bible 2014″ poll, young Americans in particular are less likely to view the Bible as sacred literature. Young Americans are also less likely to believe the Bible contains everything… Read more »

Dalai Lama Offers Hope To Tsunami Victims In Japan

Dalai Lama In Sendai For Shinto Ceremony

The Dalai Lama was one of many who took part in a purification ritual on April 7 to honor the victims of a horrifying tsunami in November 2011 that was unleashed by an unprecedented 9.0-magnitude earthquake. The disaster changed the lives of many who still call the mighty city of Sendai, Japan, their home. Sendai… Read more »

Westboro Baptist Church Protestors Scared Away By Oklahoma Residents [Video]

westboro baptist church protestors scared moore oklahoma video

Westboro Baptist Church protestors are known for traveling around causing controversy at almost every American cultural event. From the Super Bowl to celebrity funerals, Westboro Baptist Church has made a name for themselves by being the most hated (and hating) church in America. But Westboro Baptist Church protestors also show up to hundreds of lesser… Read more »

George Washington Never Wrote A Prayer About Jesus

George Washington the Deist

George Washington did not write the prayer illegally recited by Robin Bartlett Frazier Thursday morning, March 27, at the opening of a board budget meeting in Carroll County, Maryland. A lawsuit filed by the American Humanist Society and four other individuals resulted in a ruling by a federal judge on Tuesday, March 25, that placed… Read more »

World Vision Reverses Decision To Hire Homosexuals, Is It Too Late?

world vision reverses decision to hire homosexuals

World Vision has reversed their controversial decision to hire homosexuals just two days after announcing the shocking policy. World Vision U.S. president Richard Stearns came out with the reversal news on Wednesday, following a flood of backlash from the evangelical Christian community. In a follow up announcement, Stearns had this to say concerning the change… Read more »

Ellen Page Retaliates At Anti-Gay Pastor On Twitter

Ellen Page Featured

Ellen Page seems to be happier after coming out last month. Others, however, feel negatively towards Page’s sexuality, including an anti-gay pastor via tweet. Page doesn’t seem bothered by the criticism responding to the unnamed pastor on her official Twitter page. 2 da Pastor who wrote me-Being gay isn’t a belief.My soul isnt struggling& I… Read more »

World Vision Hiring Homosexuals Ignites Controversy In Christian Community

world vision hiring homosexuals christian controversy

The World Vision decision to begin hiring homosexuals has created a divide among Christian leaders who have previously been the Christian organizations biggest supporters. World Vision currently ranks 10th on Forbes list of the 50 largest U.S. charities. World Vision proclaims itself to be “a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and… Read more »

Crown Of Thorns: Jesus Relic Displayed For First Time Since 1997

Crown Of Thorns: Jesus Relic Displayed For First Time Since 1997

Jesus crown of thorns is being put on display for the first time in 17 years. The ancient relic held by the Catholic Church will make a special appearance at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France. In a related report by The Inquisitr, various relics of Biblical times have been discovered over the years, ranging… Read more »

Atheists Seek To Prevent 9/11 Museum From Displaying WTC Cross


American Atheists presented their case before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals today. They argued that the WTC cross does not belong in a museum on government leased property. The WTC cross, however, is considered an artifact of important significance. Two days after the terrorist attack on 9/11, construction workers found the 17-feet tall, 4,000… Read more »

Pope Francis Leaves Door Open For Same-Sex Unions

Pope Francis

On Wednesday, March 5th, Pope Francis is leaving the door open for same-sex unions. According to USA Today, the statement came up in an interview with Corriere della Sera, translated by the Catholic News Service, when Francis viewed unions as a practical way to protect property rights and access health care. This is the latest… Read more »

Sri Lanka: Pope Francis Plans To Visit, No Date Set


Sri Lanka is an island nation in the Indian Ocean with history and culture steeped in Buddhism. Roman Catholics make up roughly 6 percent of the island’s inhabitants. According to Vatican Radio, Pope Francis addressed a group of Sri Lankan immigrants living in Italy this Saturday and accepted an invitation to visit their homeland. The… Read more »

Defrocked Priests Just The Tip Of The Vatican Sex Abuse Scandal?

Defrocked Priests Just The Tip Of The Vatican Sex Abuse Scandal?

Are the slew of defrocked priests just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the latest Vatican sex abuse scandal? In a related report from The Inquisitr, a recent report revealed that 400 priests had been defrocked by Pope Benedict. This comes right on top of the Vatican banking scandal. The hits just… Read more »

Christ Statue Lightning Strike Destroys Famous Redeemer’s Hands

Christ Statue Lightning Strike Destroys Famous Redeemer's Hands

A Christ statue lightning strike has destroyed a portion of the famous redeemer’s hands. In a related report from The Inquisitr, a famous anonymous diner leaves “tips for Jesus,” giving waiters and waitresses thousands. Rio de Janeiro is famous for its Christ the Redeemer statue, which ironically overlooks a city that has become known for… Read more »

Christian Martyrs Today: North Korea Threat Still The Largest

north korea threat

There are more Christian martyrs today than there have been in recent years. According to a report released by the organization Open Doors, Christians being killed for their faith more than doubled in 2013. Approximately 1,201 followers of the Christian faith were killed for their beliefs in 2012. The number of Christian martyrs worldwide today… Read more »

Vatican Bank Scandal Has Pope Francis Cleaning House Like Jesus

Vatican Bank Scandal

The recent Vatican bank scandal has Pope Francis cleaning house and replacing cardinals in the Catholic capital. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, we already know that Pope Francis is pretty cool as Popes go, as seen when he sold his Harley for charity. Now, some are likening Pope Francis to the Big J himself,… Read more »

Duck Dynasty Season 5 Has Black Christians Supporting Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty Season 5 Has Black Christians Supporting Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty Season 5 still might have support from some in the black community even after Phil Robertson’s “racist” comments. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Westboro Baptist Church has no love for Duck Dynasty fans, saying the show is for “lazy, gun toting, emasculated men.” Although the original GQ interview barely gave any… Read more »

Should Christians Smoke Pot Or Not? Church Leaders Divided

Church leaders are divided on whether it is ok for Christians to smoke marijuana.

With the state of Colorado seeing unbelievable success in the sale of recreational marijuana, many Christians are asking the question, “should Christians smoke pot?” Joining Washington, Colorado became the second state to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana, and other states may soon follow. The issue is a complicated one for people of the Christian… Read more »

‘Hand Of God’, Or Believers Grasping A Straw?

Hand of God

Some of the diminishing number of people who still believe in God have grasped at the straw of an X-ray image from NASA which appears to resemble a hand. They have dubbed the colorful blob the “Hand of God”, which makes for a great media headline but is hardly a scientific justification for the claim…. Read more »

Blood Moon Tetrad: Is It The End Of The World, again?

blood moon

Cornerstone Church Pastor John Hagee has written a book ‘Four Blood Moons – Something is about to Change’, the book is about a rather rare astronomical phenomenon. A ‘Blood Moon’ is when the Earth goes directly in between the Sun and the Moon, then the light from the Sun passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and… Read more »