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Ark Encounter Founder Threatens To Sue State Over Denied Tax Funding

Ark Encounter to sue Kentucky - it's discrimination not to pay them to discriminate.

Though Ken Ham earlier this week denied that he had any intentions of using state tax revenue to fund his Ark Encounter park, today the man behind the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis says that he’s considering litigation against the state for refusing him that same funding. In a blog post Thursday morning, Ham… Read more »

Westboro Baptists Laud Turkey Prank: An Opportunity To Witness

Westboro Baptists unfazed by turkey prank

The Westboro Baptists’ turkey prank victimization hasn’t fazed them a bit — the anti-gay, anti-soldier, anti-…well, anti almost everything church is laughing it off, and calling it an opportunity to “witness” their unusual brand of Christianity to the world. The story has spread across the internet, giving the world a laugh at the Westboro Baptists’… Read more »

Pope Francis: ‘Today Marriage And The Family Are In Crisis’ [Video]

pope-francis on family

Pope Francis spoke to a group of conservative religious leaders and scholars at the “Humanum” interfaith conference at the Vatican, which began Monday. The three-day event also known as “Complementarity of Man and Woman” is taking place Nov 17-19. More than 30 speakers representing 23 countries and a variety of religions, including Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity,… Read more »

The Bible With Emoticons? Emoji Edition Kickstarter Launched

The Bible in Emoticons

Kamran Kastle is an artist and he wants to translate the Bible into emoticons. With the catchphrase “the oldest book translated into the newest language,” the Kickstarter campaign to create the emoji Bible aims to raise $25,000 in 11 days. So far, things aren’t looking good for the crowd-fund hopeful. The Bible, says Complex, has… Read more »

Jesus Was Married And The Bible Tells You So, Scholar Claims

Jesus Was Married, Claims The Bible?

That “Jesus was married” theory posited by The Lost Gospel is still kicking around the internet, with traditional believers discounting the claims and the more “liberal” believers saying, “So what if he was?” However, a new reading of The Bible seems to indicate that you don’t even need the new “gospel” to draw a correct… Read more »

Religion Will Be Gone ‘In A Generation,’ Top Scientist Claims

Religion Going Away, Top Scientist Claims

Religion is living on borrowed time. Lawrence Krauss, a self-described antitheist (or person who actively opposes the existence of religion) and collaborator with atheist scientist Richard Dawkins on The Unbelievers, believes in at least one thing: if you talk about religions in a certain way, children will stop believing within a generation or two. When… Read more »

6 Surprising Things That You Never Knew Were In The Bible

Unicorns and other amazing things that you never knew were in the Bible.

The Bible is perhaps one of the most beloved books in the world, selling more copies than any other book in history, with translations in nearly every language around the globe. A recent story about an American who was arrested for leaving a copy of the Bible in a night club in North Korea and… Read more »

Offensive Costumes: Is Dressing As Jesus Christ Inappropriate?

dinosaur jesus christ 2

Can a person dress as Jesus Christ without being offensive? There have been a number of costumes decried as inappropriate this year (such as the Ray Rice costumes that include blackface and domestic violence references, and the various costumes inspired by the Ebola outbreak), but dressing as the central figure from one of the most… Read more »