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Christian Redditor: Same-Sex Marriage Forced My Pastor To Cancel My Wedding

Did same-sex marriage prevent one straight Christian couple from wedding?

One Reddit user claims that conservative fears of same-sex marriage damaging Christian marriages have been realized. He says that his pastor canceled his wedding after North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage was declared unconstitutional earlier this week. Redditor ‘Bunnytrail’ doesn’t name his church, referring only to ‘Pastor Fred’ and a small town in North Carolina…. Read more »

Conference To Focus On Why Black Atheism Differs From White Atheism

black atheism

This weekend, a conference in Los Angeles will focus on atheists of color, and why their concerns are different from the concerns of white atheists. Organizers of the conference called Moving Social Justice say that it’s about time the concerns of black atheists are recognized. The black atheism conference will go beyond the usual atheism… Read more »

Campaign To Remove ‘Under God’ From Pledge Causes Contention

i pledge allegiance under god

The clause “under God,” added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954, has been a subject of debate numerous times. Now it’s in question once again, as the American Humanist Association leads a campaign to have “under God” removed from the pledge entirely. The AHA is basing their effort on a survey in which about… Read more »

The Bible Burned, Urinated On By Prescott Man

The Bible Has Been Desecrated

The Bible has long been a source of inspiration for Christians, and is looked at as one of literary value by scholars and English teachers across the continent. However, for one Prescott, Arizona, man, it is meant for insults and degradation. Eric Minerault, a 22-year-old man calling himself “Dark Lord,” was arrested after Prescott Police… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Raising Money For Jews In Israel

'Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Raising Money For Jews In Israel

Duck Dynasty may have become controversial due to Phil Robertson and his GQ interview, but that does not stop the family from trying to do good in the world despite the protestations of critics. In fact, Phil and Alan Robertson will be lending their support to raising money for Jews in Israel. In a related… Read more »

The Bible: Church Attempts Cover-To-Cover Reading In 72 Hours

The Bible In 72 Hours: Think You Could Do It?

The Bible is a book on which billions of people, past and present, have built the foundation of their lives. That being said, you can usually walk in to any church in America and find numerous individuals who haven’t read it. However, one church is hoping to change that for its members and anyone else… Read more »