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Court Orders 10 Commandments Monument Taken Down At Oklahoma Capitol

court 10 commandments monument taken down oklahoma capitol

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma has ordered that a monument of the Ten Commandments be taken down from outside the front of the state capitol. Per the ruling of Oklahoma’s Supreme Court, the monument must be removed because it indirectly benefits the Jewish and Christian faiths in violation of the state’s constitution, per KOCO. The… Read more »

Jewish Population Finally Nearing Pre-Holocaust Numbers At 16.5 Million Worldwide

Jewish Population

The Jewish People Policy Institute released their annual report, which shows that the Jewish population worldwide is finally nearing its pre-Holocaust numbers. Before the Holocaust and World War II, there were roughly 16.5 million people who identified as Jewish. However, after WWII, only about 10.5 million remained as nearly 6 million Jewish people were horrifically… Read more »

Church Pastor ‘Publicly Humiliated Us On Facebook,’ Couple Says

Church Pastor David McGee

Church pastor David McGee “publicly humiliated” a couple that used to go to his church on Facebook, the couple tells Yahoo! News. In a lengthy but somewhat cryptic Facebook post, McGee explained to the other members what was going on and actually named four individuals, who would no longer be allowed to attend The Bridge… Read more »

Pope Francis Takes On Climate Change In Fight Movie Spoof Trailer

pope francis fights climate change

Pope Francis has spoken out on climate change, and the response spans the spectrum: many are lauding the Pope’s input, and many more are vowing to change their lifestyles in order to protect the planet. Many American conservatives are more than a little angry about the declaration, though. Still, one of the most stunning responses… Read more »

‘Death To Gays': Georgia Pastor Defends Church Sign

'Death To Gays' Pastor Defends Sign

“Death to gays” was the message of a church sign that Georgia Pastor Robert Lee shared with his community, and after being confronted by complaints and media attention, he’s standing by it. Lee is a pastor at the Ten Commandments Church in Milledgeville, Georgia, and he didn’t think there was anything so controversial about the… Read more »