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Pope Francis Calls U.S. Treatment Of Illegal Immigrants ‘Racist And Xenophobic,’ Asks Amnesty For Migrant Children

Pope Francis Calls U.S. Treatment Of Illegal Immigrants 'Racist And Xenophobic,' Asks Amnesty For Migrant Children

Pope Francis is calling the way the United States is treating illegal immigrants “racist and xenophobic.” The leader of the Catholic church waded even further into American politics by agreeing with President Obama that the illegal immigration crisis was a “humanitarian emergency” and that migrants should be welcomed into the country. In a related report… Read more »

Atheists May Not Exist, According To Science

Atheists Not Real, Science Claims

Atheists may not exist. This rather shocking statement may seem like a bit of click-bait, but it’s actually the conclusion many scientists — some of them avowed atheists themselves — are starting to buy in to. According to Science 2.0 writer Nury Vittachi, an examination of several scholarly findings puts forth the theory that even… Read more »

Pope Francis Orders The Vatican To Create Art Exhibit Promoting Chrislam


Back in the 1970s, Tela Tella founded a sect that recognized both the Bible and Qu’ran as holy texts, in which it combined both Christianity and Islam. Thus Chrislam was created. Forty years later, the sect has gained a lot of popularity among progressive-thinking Christians and Muslims. The religion’s girth spread exponentially when Rick Warren,… Read more »

Bhagavad Gita Translated Into Urdu By Noted Poet Anwar Jalalpuri

Bhagavad Gita Translated

The infamous “Bhagavad Gita” has been translated by renowned poet Anwar Jalalpuri from 700 classical Sanskrit shlokas (verses) into 1700 Urdu shers (couplets), reports Business Standard. The translated rendition, “Urdu Shayari mein Gita,” found its way to the people on May 23 during the Ruhani Sangham program in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. What Is The… Read more »

Christian Church Divorce Rate Statistics In America Are Not 50 Percent

Christian Church Divorce Rate Statistics In America Is Not 50 Percent

Based upon conventional wisdom, Christian church divorce rate statistics in America have essentially achieved parity with those outside of the church, and the divorce rate hovers around 50 percent, which essentially reduces successful marriage down to a coin toss. But one researcher believes these commonly cited numbers are not true at all. In a related… Read more »

The Presbyterian Church USA Legalizes Gay Marriage As A Christian Union

presbyterian church votes to accept gay marriage

The Presbyterian Church USA is taking a page out of the Supreme Court’s understanding of the Constitution as they recently added a very controversial (and surprising) amendment to their church doctrine; the legalization of gay marriage as a Christian union. According to Newsmax, the Presbyterian Church USA changed the language stating marriage is a union… Read more »

Pope Francis Condemns Marijuana Legalization In Strongest Terms

Pope Francis Leads The Solemnity Of The Most Holy Body And Blood Of Christ

Pope Francis has made his stance on marijuana legalization plainly understood. The Pontiff condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the legal use of recreational drugs. Since his election as the leader of millions of Catholics, Pope Francis has been seen as a reformer, for his progressive views. On Friday, however, many were surprised at the… Read more »

Islamic Prayers To Be Held At The Vatican For The First Time In History

Pope Francis, Peres, Abbas

Pope Francis has been the central figure in ushering peace between religions, especially Israelis and Palestinians. Now today, June 8th, Pope Francis will once again break another barrier as Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran will be heard at the Vatican. According to Fox News, Pope Francis issued the invitation to Israeli President, Shimon… Read more »

North Korea Detains American Jeffrey Edward Fowle Over His Bible

North Korea arrests American for having a Bible.

North Korea has detained an American, whom they identify (in Korean) as Jeffrey Edward Fowle, on the charge of leaving a Bible in his hotel room when he was preparing to leave North Korea. North Korea’s detention of Fowle brings the total to three Americans in North Korean custody. At least one other prisoner –… Read more »

Is Pope Francis Mulling Retirement?

pope-francis will he retire

Is Pope Francis going to retire like his predecessor, Pope Benedict? In an interview with Vatican Insider, the Pontiff didn’t completely rule it out. A Pope deciding to retire is by no mean an everyday occurrence, to say the least. Pope Francis, 77, previously the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, began his papacy in March… Read more »

Evolutionist Ironically Prove That Darwin’s Theory Is Scientifically Invalid

Artistic picture of the Cambrian Explosion

Ever since the induction of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, the view of survival of the fittest, eugenics, and everything associated with Darwin’s Theory has been used to attack Creationism and Intelligent Design. Earlier this year, Ken Ham and Bill Nye debated against each other, each taking their stance on the origins. Ham supported Intelligent Design… Read more »

Vatican City: Does Someone There Watch Porn? Is It The Pope?

Vatican City lit up at night.

Pope Francis has been in the crossfire on two fronts: those who admire him and those who oppose him. This time, the pope may be in trouble since someone in Vatican City has been recognized for frequently logging into a porn website. Fortunately for Pope Francis, might not be him. Actually, in a report by… Read more »

Tornado Season Becomes Healing Season For Radio Personality

Caldwell's book, 'The Healing Season,' tells of her journey to cope with her loss through prayer and blogging.

How does tornado season become a healing season? Tornado season is upon us in 2014, that time of year when we all pay extra attention to weather alerts and make what preparations we can in the event that nature throws its worst at us. For one woman, a morning show host on Family Life Radio-… Read more »

The Rev. Obama On Easter As A Secular Sport

Barack Obama Easter

The Rev. President Barack Obama made the dais a pulpit during his weekly address on Saturday and sounded an awful lot like the most secular preacher you’ve ever heard. After reminding everyone how Sunday, April 20, holds significance for millions of Americans (leaving out how the date 4/20 holds significance for many millions more), marking… Read more »

8THEIST License Plate Denied, Atheist Claims First Amendment Lawsuit

8THEIST License Plate Denied, Atheist Claims First Amendment Lawsuit

An 8THEIST license plate design request by an atheist named Shannon Morgan was allegedly denied by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, and now the woman is filing a lawsuit claiming a First Amendment violation. In a related report by The Inquisitr, atheists who are seeking to prevent the 9/11 museum from displaying the World… Read more »