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Mouth-Watering Apple Pie Recipes To Conquer Thanksgiving

apple pie

Thanksgiving and dessert pies go hand in hand, so having a few delectable options to enjoy after the main course of turkey and spuds is basically a necessity. This year, there’s no need to spend time stressing over which mouth-watering dessert you can come up with to impress families and friends. Because the below apple… Read more »

Pizza Hut Is About To Change Everything You Know About Them

pizza hut

Pizza Hut is not playing around and they want everyone to know it. Beginning on November 19, they are going to drastically change every single thing that everyone knows about them. Those changes to Pizza Hut’s menu include 11 new specialty pizzas, 10 new crusts, six new sauces, and five new toppings. As Fortune reported,… Read more »

Pizza Hut Reboot: Food Chain To Reinvent Itself For The First Time

Pizza Hut reboot will reinvent the company

A Pizza Hut reboot is about to happen. This isn’t entirely about the online ordering system: It’s more about reinventing the company image. Following close in the wake of Domino’s new online ordering system, which is said to improve on the already interesting animated website which tells you who is making your pie, when it… Read more »

The McRib Is Made With Real Food and McDonald’s Proves It

McRib video

The McRib sandwich from McDonald’s only comes to the world a couple of times each year and then the world lashes out in a frenzy. There are the groups that love it and those that despise it and claim it to be made from processed foods and just about anything else you can imagine. McDonald’s… Read more »

Top 5 Halloween Candies To Avoid At All Costs

Halloween candy pile

Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone from kids to adults will be dying to sink their teeth into that tasty Halloween candy. But, as expected, Halloween candy is anything but good for you. Some of it is much worse than the rest, so take a look at this list of the top five… Read more »

Scientifically Proven Guide Will Help You Order The Perfect Salad Every Time

Cyclospora Salad Mix

It is scientifically proven that eating more greens is essential for optimal health, especially if someone wants to reverse the effects of lifestyle diseases. The Inquisitr has kept up with reporting on health, specifically diets and food. For awhile now, McDonald’s has been accused of serving their customers fake foods, but their recent campaign shows… Read more »