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Dairy Queen Removes Soda From Kids’ Menu

Sugary Drinks

Dairy Queen will remove soda from their kids’ menu in an effort to promote healthier options. The decision was made in April, during Dairy Queen’s Franchise Advisory Council’s quarterly meeting. Company officials said the change will take place on or before Sept. 1. The decision was sparked by an inquiry from the Center for Science… Read more »

Mini Frapp? Starbucks Deal A ‘Healthy’ Diet Frappucino

Mini Frapp? Starbucks Deal A 'Healthy' Diet Frappucino

Want a mini frapp? Starbucks is offering a limited time deal that is testing out a relatively healthy, smaller-sized frappucino. But just how “healthy” is this mini frapp for your diet? In a related report by the Inquisitr, a police officer sued Starbucks over free coffee he spilled on himself, and now he is demanding… Read more »

Taco Bell Fritos Taco Is Here, Find Out More Details, Including Where

Taco Bell Fritos Taco Is Here, Find Out More Details, Including Where

Taco Bell, purveyor of such classics as the Chalupa, Gordita, and Doritos Locos Tacos, has been increasingly shifting toward oddities like Doritos tacos. The Inquisitr reported in December of last year that a new taco will soon be slowly rolled out and tested throughout Taco Bell locations. It all began with a slide show before… Read more »

Cory Booker: Let’s Label GMOs

Cory Booker expresses support for labeling GMO foods.

Cory Booker has a lot of fans among progressives — not just in New Jersey, but across the country. His commentaries on topics from food stamps to prison reform to solar energy are quoted, memed, and placed on internet pedestals. However, one tweet from Sunday will likely not be proudly repeated by many of Booker’s… Read more »

Free Biscuit Taco At Taco Bell On Cinco De Mayo, May 5

Free Biscuit at Taco Bell on Cinco De Mayo Day

Taco Bell is giving away free biscuit tacos during breakfast time on May 5. Taco Bell is calling the free event “Breakfast Defector Day,” which just so happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo, according to Taco Bell’s website. Taco Bell unveiled both the biscuit taco and the Breakfast Defector Day ad campaign earlier this… Read more »

Diet Pepsi Without Aspartame? Fans React To Replacement

Diet Pepsi

It’s official — Diet Pepsi will no longer have aspartame. The Chicago Tribune reports that PepsiCo made the decision to replace the controversial ingredient after receiving a lot of negative feedback and responses from customers. Reports confirm that aspartame will be replaced in Diet Pepsi with a different type of artificial sweetener — sucralose. Commonly… Read more »

McDonald’s Is Closing Hundreds Of Stores — Find Out Why

McDonald's Closings

Apparently the public isn’t “lovin’” McDonald’s the way it used to. The fast food giant had previously planned on closing 350 stores across the United States, China, and Japan. According to Fortune, “sagging profits” are to blame, and it was hoped this step would be enough. It wasn’t. The contents of a recently disclosed conference… Read more »

Ben & Jerry’s BRRR-ito: Like The Choco Taco, Only Bigger

Ben & Jerry's BRRR-ito Coming April 20

Ben & Jerry’s BRRR-ito (aka “ice cream burrito”) is coming your way on April 20, according to a new ad that parodies the classic 1984 Apple Computers Super Bowl ad. “On April 20th, Ben & Jerry’s will introduce the BRRR-ito. And you’ll see why 4.20 will be exactly like ‘4.20,’” the ad reads. As Slate… Read more »

#BYOCupDay: 5 Things To Remember For 7-Eleven Slurpee Promo


Bring Your Own Cup Day (#BYOCupDay) — the day when the dreams of so many Slurpee fans will finally come true. USA Today reports that the “Bring Your Own Cup Day” Slurpee promo is more of an early “summer kickoff,” according to Laura Gordon, 7-Eleven’s Vice President of Marketing and Brand Innovation. It didn’t take… Read more »

Taco Bell Delivery Service: Testing To Begin ‘Late This Year’

Fast Food

Taco Bell delivery service is set begin testing “late this year,” according to CEO Brian Niccol. Although the logistics of delivering fresh, hot, crispy tacos are a specific concern, Niccol said plans are in the works. As discussed on the company’s website, Glen Bell opened the first Taco Bell in Downey, California, in the mid… Read more »