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McDonald’s Is Trimming The Fat Off Their Menu, Adding Tablet Ordering

McDonald's location.

After McDonald’s transparency campaign backfired a little bit, the company has been working hard to change the way their restaurant works to draw in new customers and recapture the fast food market. Some of the steps they’ve been taking could drastically change the McDonald’s experience for regular customers. One major change to the McDonald’s franchise… Read more »

‘Cute Cats’ Are The Best Thing To Happen To Marshmallows! Prepare To Drink Nothing But Hot Chocolate From Now On! [Gallery]


Over the years, many inventors (and innovators) have created some of the most interesting inventions ranging from awesomely unique to amazingly absurd. However, some of the best creations aren’t the ones that may benefit mankind, but indulge mankind’s appetite. The Inquisitr have kept up on the latest on such foodie delights, especially when Dominque Ansel… Read more »

Pizza Hut Steps Up To The Competition

Pizza Hut's new menu brings them into the pizza race.

Whatever happened to plain cheese pizza? Well, Pizza Hut still has those, but they’ve also been releasing some strange alternate flavors as well. Directly in competition with fast food pizzerias like Papa John’s and Domino’s, Pizza Hut has been long in need of some fresh new ideas for their menu. Papa John’s isn’t lacking for… Read more »

The UN Wanted You To Eat Bugs For Thanksgiving Dinner, According To RYOT

Eating Bugs

The issues on food shortages is a problem many countries are trying to solve. Because the production and maintenance of food products also relinquishes resources, they are also trying to find other means to reduce resource consumption (which may also be one of the major reasons why genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are being pushed in… Read more »

No Turkey At First Thanksgiving? Here’s What Was On The Menu


Even though turkey seems to be a required feature of the average Thanksgiving meal today, this particular bird was definitely not on the menu for the very first Thanksgiving celebration. Keep in mind that the first Thanksgiving meal did not necessarily happen when the Pilgrims and the Native Americans first met each other and shared… Read more »

Mouth-Watering Apple Pie Recipes To Conquer Thanksgiving

apple pie

Thanksgiving and dessert pies go hand in hand, so having a few delectable options to enjoy after the main course of turkey and spuds is basically a necessity. This year, there’s no need to spend time stressing over which mouth-watering dessert you can come up with to impress families and friends. Because the below apple… Read more »

Pizza Hut Is About To Change Everything You Know About Them

pizza hut

Pizza Hut is not playing around and they want everyone to know it. Beginning on November 19, they are going to drastically change every single thing that everyone knows about them. Those changes to Pizza Hut’s menu include 11 new specialty pizzas, 10 new crusts, six new sauces, and five new toppings. As Fortune reported,… Read more »

Pizza Hut Reboot: Food Chain To Reinvent Itself For The First Time

Pizza Hut reboot will reinvent the company

A Pizza Hut reboot is about to happen. This isn’t entirely about the online ordering system: It’s more about reinventing the company image. Following close in the wake of Domino’s new online ordering system, which is said to improve on the already interesting animated website which tells you who is making your pie, when it… Read more »