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Hello Kitty Tea House Opens In Japan


Hello Kitty has been an iconic bit of pop culture since the ’70s, when the doll was all the rage with little girls everywhere. With the familiar white, oval face emblazoned on everything from stickers to cookware, Hello Kitty has become a name everyone and their grandmother recognizes. Now, a tea house in Japan is… Read more »

Burger King: No More Soda For Kids

Fast Food

Burger King has removed soda from their kids menu, in an effort to encourage healthy eating. Although the fast-food giant offers milk and juice as healthier options, soda remained the most popular choice. In response to the ongoing issue, Burger King announced that they will remove soda from their children’s menu, effective immediately. The important… Read more »

McDonald’s Plans To Remove Antibiotics From Their Chicken

McDonald's Does Away With Human Antibiotics In Chicken

McDonald’s Corp. is placing demands on their chicken suppliers to stop using human antibiotics in raising poultry. The world’s largest fast food chain will also offer customers cow milk void of rBGH, the artificial growth hormone. According to experts, this is a huge public health move by McDonald’s. Today, McDonald’s made an announcement that the… Read more »

IHOP Free Pancakes On National Pancake Day, March 3

IHOP Free Pancakes

For those folks who love pancakes and aren’t training for an upcoming NPC fitness competition in the bikini category, the announcement by IHOP saying they are giving away free pancakes on “National Pancake Day” on Tuesday probably sounds like a yummy deal. The IHOP eatery announced its plans to give away free pancakes on its… Read more »

Yummy Hot Chocolate Recipes With No Sugar!

Yummy Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

It has been brutally cold throughout much of the United States recently, and a nice cup of hot chocolate has served as one of the few reprieves available. But if you happen to be someone who can’t eat sugar for health reasons or because you’re dieting, you no doubt feel you’re missing out. If you… Read more »

Little Caesars Wrap Deep-Dish Pizza In 3.5 Feet Of Bacon

Little Caesars

Yes, you heard right. Over three feet of thick cut bacon hugging one humongous deep-dish pizza. This is comfort food on a whole new level, especially for those who love bacon, which is virtually every American. This is definitely no humble pie. Little Caesars will be unveiling and serving up that wonderful treat, the Bacon… Read more »

Paczki: What Are They And Why Is The Midwest Going Nuts Over Them?

paczki donuts

Pączki are deep-fried pieces of dough shaped into flattened spheres and filled with confiture or other sweet filling. The Polish donuts are usually covered with powdered sugar, icing, or bits of dried orange zest. Paczki are Polish doughnuts that are wildly popular this time of year. The Paczki Polish doughnuts are favorites in regions with… Read more »