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Bacon Seaweed Is An Ancient European Snack, And We’re Just Hearing About This Now?

Scientists can grow bacon seaweed at astonishing rates

Apparently, Europe has been keeping secrets from America. For centuries, they’ve been snacking on bacon-flavored seaweed and haven’t bothered to tell anyone. Thankfully, a team of scientists at Oregon State University uncovered this valuable culinary secret, which could transform your salad dressing, crackers, and untold other food products very soon, NBC News reported. Bacon seaweed… Read more »

Sweetgreen: The Eatery That Might Rival Chipotle In Popularity


There’s a eatery that’s making the news called Sweetgreen, and CNN Money says it might be as popular as Chipotle one day. it’s strawberry season. — swɘetgreen (@sweetgreen) July 12, 2015 Indeed, the popular chain of restaurants called Sweetgreen certainly puts forth a delicious looking presence on social media — and makes one see… Read more »

Oreo Thins: New Low-Calorie Snack Slammed, Mocked On Twitter

Oreo Thins

Meet Oreo Thins — the slight makeover to the popular snack cookies, Oreos. The new version of the classic snack choice was recently announced by Mondelez International, Inc. as a confirmed addition to the Nabisco family. According to the Daily Mail, Oreo Thins are very similar to the traditional Oreo cookie, especially since the cookie… Read more »

Florida Cop Arrested In Burrito Road Rage Incident

Did a burrito really lead to this road rage incident?

A Florida cop is in trouble after he allegedly threatened a couple with his firearm during a road rage dispute. WFTV News reports that Lake County Sheriff’s deputy Thomas Thompson is accused of threatening to kill the couple during the incident. The 45-year-old deputy was ultimately arrested, and the resulting police report is interesting to… Read more »

Crystal Pepsi (Remember That?) Might Be Coming Back [Video]

Will Crystal Pepsi Come Back

If you were alive in the ’90s, then you probably have heard of Crystal Pepsi. You may even vaguely recall the taste if you tried it. But if you weren’t alive during the brief window of time the beverage was available in America, then Crystal Pepsi may seem like something of an enigma. Some people… Read more »

Pepsi Craft Sodas Answer To Your Health Concerns [Video]

pepsi craft sodas

Love soda but don’t like how unhealthy it is? Pepsi will soon introduce craft sodas, such as agave vanilla cream, geared specifically towards customers who love sodas but want to steer clear of processed sugars. The company plans to start selling the drinks as early as this summer in soft drink dispensers and restaurants, and… Read more »

Taco Booze? Taco Bell To Serve Alcohol At New Chicago Location [Video]

Will You Soon Get Booze At Taco Bell

Would you like to order booze with your tacos? Taco Bell is testing the waters with a new location in Chicago, Illinois. According to the Daily News, the booze-friendly restaurant will be opening this summer with alcoholic versions of existing Taco Bell beverages. Taco Bell restaurants in Spain, Japan, and South Korea already offer the… Read more »

Dairy Queen Removes Soda From Kids’ Menu

Sugary Drinks

Dairy Queen will remove soda from their kids’ menu in an effort to promote healthier options. The decision was made in April, during Dairy Queen’s Franchise Advisory Council’s quarterly meeting. Company officials said the change will take place on or before Sept. 1. The decision was sparked by an inquiry from the Center for Science… Read more »

Mini Frapp? Starbucks Deal A ‘Healthy’ Diet Frappucino

Mini Frapp? Starbucks Deal A 'Healthy' Diet Frappucino

Want a mini frapp? Starbucks is offering a limited time deal that is testing out a relatively healthy, smaller-sized frappucino. But just how “healthy” is this mini frapp for your diet? In a related report by the Inquisitr, a police officer sued Starbucks over free coffee he spilled on himself, and now he is demanding… Read more »