Food & Dining Timeline

Chirps: Tasty New Chips Make Eating Crickets Palatable For Americans

Chrips cricket chips and cookies use ground up cricket flour.

While most Americans go through great lengths at summer picnics to keep ants and crickets away from the snack table, Chirps, a new product from Six Foods, puts the bugs directly into the snacks. Laura D’Asaro, Merly Natow, and Rose Wang are three former roommates who are giving the term “crunchy” a whole new meaning…. Read more »

Soaring Beef Prices Have Restaurants And Consumers Making Painful Choices

Rising Beef Prices

Skyrocketing beef prices are battering restaurants and customers. With drought conditions continuing to hit the Midwest and California and cattle herds at 60-year lows, finding reasonably priced beef is becoming a thing of the past. According to USDA statistics, the average price of retail fresh beef rose 12 percent since last May, wholesale prices for… Read more »

Olive Garden: Dining Healthily In Hospitaliano!

olive garden

Italian-American food chain Olive Garden has been hitting headlines lately as they have recently opened their first restaurant in Chicago and plan to implement online ordering chain-wide by August. Among the high points of visiting Olive Garden, which include never-ending salad, is the chain’s devotion to family friendliness – their slogan, as a matter of… Read more »

Gourmet High: Marijuana Food Truck Takes Munchies To A Whole New Level

legal pot food truck

Washington residents can now have a taste of weed-infused treats when the marijuana food truck debuts at the Jet City farmer’s market in Everett, Washington, this weekend. Magical Butter will present the Samich Truck, the first mobile establishment that serves marijuana-laced food items. Samich is an acronym for Savory Accessible Marijuana Infused Culinary Happiness. Magical… Read more »

The Delicious Facts Behind National Donut Day

National Donut Day

Americans are internationally known for their love affair with certain kinds of foods like hamburgers and hotdogs, and of course, the wonderful, sweet treat known as the donut (or doughnut depending on your grammatical inclinations). This past Friday marked the occurrence of that auspiciously acclaimed nationwide celebration, trumpeted all over the internet among other places,… Read more »

National Donut Day Post-Celebration Calorie Count

Did you indulge for National Donut Day?

National Donut Day was yesterday, June 6, and if you didn’t know that, you may have missed out on free treats. Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme both offered free donuts (though Dunkin’ offered theirs only with a beverage purchase), as did some smaller chains and local shops. If you were aware of the holiday, and… Read more »

Starbucks Fiend Orders Most Expensive Drink Ever

andrew goes nuts at starbucks

Behold, a regular Starbucks consumer has unleashed what’s known as the most expensive drink in Starbucks history. A man identified as “Andrew” ordered a huge Starbucks drink, and from the looks of it, it’s enough to give someone a heart attack in one sitting. A 60-espresso shot in a 128-ounce milkshake serving wound up costing… Read more »

Molly Schuyler Devours 72-Ounce Steak In Record 5 Minutes

Molly Schuyler steak

If you’re like just about everyone, you probably have a food you enjoy the most; even people who don’t care about eating in general probably have that one food that they highly favor. And then there are people who take their indulgence to an extreme that most people wouldn’t even fathom: making eating a lot… Read more »

Chains Are Using Scent To Target More Customers

Scent advertising

Different restaurant chains and boutiques are now using the sense of smell to lure customers into successful business transactions. That hint of jasmine one smells at a restaurant, or any other pleasing smell lingering in a boutique, is not a coincidence. According to the Wall Street Journal, the minds behind different restaurants and stores are… Read more »

McScary: The Internet Is Frightened By New McDonald’s Mascot

McScary: The Internet Is Frightened By New McDonald's Mascot

McScary didn’t exactly go over the way McDonald’s had hoped. The fast food chain this week unveiled a new Happy Meal mascot, one executives hoped would bring a new twist on the popular children’s meals, but instead turned out like something out of a campy horror film. The mascot is a Happy Meal box come… Read more »