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Are Vintage High-Waisted Jeans Coming Back In Style?

High Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans. You’ve heard them called “mom jeans,” as well as other not so flattering nicknames, but it appears as if this vintage style may be making a return to modern fashion. It’s not surprising, really. Fashion trends do seems to cycle every 20 years or so. They may be called by a different name,… Read more »

Five Best Tattoos in Sports


If you watch any major sports event these days, it is more than likely that the athletes have some sort of body ink. Many of the tattoos have a personal meaning, and some were just a stupid idea that ended as a permanent reminder of their mistake. Some athletes have commemorated championships with their ink,… Read more »

Designer Donna Karan Just Stepping Down As Chief Designer, Not Leaving Her Company – Will Stay On As Advisor

Designer Donna Karan Just Stepping Down As Chief Designer, Not Leaving Her Company

Donna Karan, the designer who has dressed influential people like Michelle Obama, celebrities like Kate Moss, and inspirational icons like Caitlyn Jenner, has decided to step down as Chief Designer of her namesake company. Fortunately, she has clarified that she won’t be leaving Donna Karan International. Donna surprised the fashion industry by announcing her retirement…. Read more »

100 Years Of Women’s Fashion Displayed In Just Two Minutes [Video]

100 Years of Fashion

Fashion has changed drastically over the years, and Mode Glam decided to create a short video to honor each decade’s most memorable looks. The video is just two minutes long but showcases 100 years of fashion. The video was uploaded to the Mode Glam YouTube channel and highlights some of the most popular trends of… Read more »

Women’s Swimsuits Through The Decades [Video]


The swimsuit as we know it, specifically the bikini, had an explosive beginning. One-piece swimsuits reigned until the 1940s when the U.S. government ordered manufacturers to reduce the amount of fabric they used. The rationing of fabric resulted in the navel-exposing midriff. The inspiration for the name “bikini” came from the Marshall Islands located on… Read more »