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OriginalGuy: Alleged Celebrity Nude Photo Hacker On The Run From FBI

OriginalGuy: Alleged Celebrity Nude Photo Hacker On The Run From FBI

OriginalGuy is the anonymous hacker who reportedly leaked hundreds of nude celebrity photos including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, and now the mysterious hacker is on the run from the FBI. The hacker sparked what is likely the biggest celebrity scandal ever, leaking nude and racy photos from more than 100 celebrities. The pictures first… Read more »

Ed Sheeran and Tom Jones To Play At Australian Football League Grand Final

Ed Sheeran and Tom Jones performing at the AFL Grand Final

Ed Sheeran will be performing at the grand final of the Australian Football League (AFL) on September 27. Sheeran, a U.K. singer/songwriter, will be joining the headliner Tom Jones, Welsh rock star and music legend. According to The Age, the AFL finally unveiled the lineup, including Ed Sheeran, after much anticipation and a long wait…. Read more »

‘The Voice’ Welcomes New Judges This Month

The Voice returns September 22.

Just announced, The Voice returns to NBC on September 22, Latin Post reports. Pharrell Williams, whose sound has been inescapable over the past year, from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack to Ed Sheeran, is one of two new judges for the seventh season. Punk princess Gwen Stefani will also be sitting in a spinning chair…. Read more »

John Lennon’s Killer Claims He Found Peace Through Jesus

john_lennon and mark david chapman

Mark David Chapman, John Lennon’s killer, claims he found his peace in the forgiveness of Jesus. Chapman and his wife have ministry to reach out to inmates. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Chapman still seems to have some esteem in his killing of John Lennon. When asked about how he stalked the Beatle in… Read more »

Lil Wayne, Drake Find Their Names On NYPD Watch List


Lil Wayne and Drake are famously making their way across the U.S., leaving countless satisfied fans in their wake. Unfortunately for the duo, certain law enforcement agencies are keeping a watchful eye on their shenanigans. Since police believe rappers tend to generate a fair amount of trouble — obviously they haven’t paid too much attention… Read more »

Avril Lavigne Divorce? Canadian Rocker Spotted Without Her Wedding Ring


Avril Lavigne is one of the many celebrities battling divorce rumors these days. Obviously, the internet obviously has nothing better to do with its free time. Whenever someone famous ventures into public without his or her wedding ring, people immediately begin to speculate. Is there something terrible happening behind the scenes? Are they headed toward… Read more »

Niall Horan Shares His Thoughts On Female Fashion


Niall Horan has his brain picked on a regular basis. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a subject the singer hasn’t discussed in recent days, excluding world events, politics and socioeconomic woes, mind you. Nobody cares about that stuff, anyway. Since there are a finite number of topics that interviewers can toss in… Read more »