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Olivia Wilde’s Latest Interviews Prove She’s Anything But Boring

Olivia Wilde talks about her experience filming The Lazarus Effect.

Recently, Esquire magazine met with Olivia Wilde for an interview, and what followed may have surprised the journalist, because Ms. Wilde proceeded to edit the interview herself. Better still, Esquire published the interview with Olivia’s annotations included, printed in bold for easy reading. Ms. Wilde began the interview talking about her Georgetown home and growing… Read more »

Kanye West Rails Against ‘Classism’ And Racism

Kanye West

Kanye West may have upset a lot of people at the Grammys last month, but that hasn’t stopped him from being outspoken. The Huffington Post reported on a speech he made at Oxford University, and some of his statements are thought provoking. “What good is anything that everyone can’t have?” West questioned during the lecture…. Read more »

Sarah Michelle Gellar Takes On A ‘Star Wars’ Role


Sarah Michelle Gellar is already well known as a vampire slayer in the Joss Whedon universe, which has earned her a loyal following of fans. Now, she’s taking on a role that will garner a lot more attention in the world of geekdom, as a voice actor on the Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels…. Read more »

Mariah Carey Sparkles In NYC While Greeting Fans

Mariah Carey

Her best days may be behind her (in terms of sales), but Mariah Carey stunned her fans yesterday when greeting them in New York City. According to the Daily Mail, Ms. Carey stepped out alone wearing an incredibly expensive ruby and diamond necklace. It was a pure diva look, but Mariah was not too much… Read more »