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‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: How Does Beth’s Death Affect Daryl?

The group at the end of the Walking Dead midseason finale, "Coda"

The Walking Dead midseason finale ended with Rick’s group and Dawn’s group exchanging their hostages — two officers for Beth and Carol — only for it to not go as planned when Dawn decided that she wanted Noah back as the others were turning to leave. Beth stepped forward and stabbed Dawn with the pair… Read more »

Stephen Collins: ‘I Am Not A Pedophile!’

Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins may have come clean, but he claims that despite his actions, he is in no way a pedophile and that he is not attracted to children. According to Us Weekly, Collins, 67, publicly admitted to sexually abusing young girl’s for the first time since the scandal first made news in October. During an… Read more »

Sony Hackers Demand ‘The Interview’ Never Be Released In Any Form

Sony hackers attack The Interview

Sony hackers sent a new message to Sony Pictures, demanding The Interview never be seen by the public in any form or more private data will be released. The studio’s top executives received the email late Thursday night. CNN reports the hackers are demanding that Sony never allow the movie to be “released, distributed or… Read more »

Sienna Miller Calls Keira Knightley An ‘Amazing’ Mother To Be

Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is dishing on mommy-to-be Keira Knightley. Miller, who’s the mother of 2-year-old daughter Marlowe, says Knightley will be an “amazing” mother. According to Page Six, Sienna was asked to give her friend Keira some motherly advice, but the American Sniper actress was keeping mum. “We’ve spoken a lot and I know she will… Read more »