Facebook Floor Plan

Facebook’s Housing Complex Floor Plan Details Revealed

Facebook is building a $120 million employee housing complex near the location of its new world headquarters and plans for that housing projects floor plan have now been revealed.

The complex will feature a 6-foot-tall perimeter wall while housing flowering trees, a spa, and various other amenities meant to keep Facebook employees happy and productive.

The building features a rooftop terrace, a quad that features “flowering canopy trees” and a fountain.

The massive complex also features a backyard recreation area with its very own pool, spa and bocce-ball court.

Dog lovers fear not, Facebook has added a dog park just for you. There is also an entertainment courtyard with synthetic turf and plenty of bike parking.

The Anton Menlo complex is just a short walk from Facebook’s Menlo Park campus. The complex features 394 units, enough to house approximately 10% of Facebook staff.

Facebook, working with development and investment company St. Anton Partners, plans to subsidize 15 of the units for low-income housing.

Facebook employees who don’t live on the campus already enjoy free laundry service, photo processing, and even leather repair, among many other perks of the job.

While it may seem odd that many employees would want to live in company sponsored housing, keep in mind that tech workers often pull very long shifts. Many tech companies these days, Google and Apple included, reward employees who spend extra-long hours working at their job.

In the 1950s and 1960s many companies toyed with the idea of housing employees but those plans usually fell by the wayside. Company dormitories exist in some parts of the world, for example Foxconn houses hundreds of thousands of workers. However, Foxconn’s dorms are known for their horrid living conditions that seem more like an employee punishment rather than a perk of the job.

Would you be willing to hand over your own house keys and move into a Facebook housing complex?