LG curved screen now in mass production

LG Curved Screen Now In Mass Production For Future Mobile Phone

The upcoming LG curved screen is going into mass production, meaning that we may see yet another evolution in mobile phone technology. It is said that the curved screen is meant to compete with Samsung as they set a new trend in a market where smartphones have little more they can do.

The curved screen from LG was created to make phones more flexible in the future, possibly even leading to new ways the mobile phone will be held or even worn. Seeing as Google Glass is still too expensive for the mainstream consumer, LG is looking elsewhere for the next advancement to help the budget-minded developer set a new pace in hardware innovation.

Samsung has announced a mobile display curved from side to side, and proves to be their biggest competitor.

The South Korean mobile phone manufacturer is hoping their new six inch screen curved from top to bottom will show Samsung how it’s done.

One possibility might include mounting your mobile phone on your wrist, keeping both hands free and making them safer for driving. We still suggest using earbuds or something so you don’t need to hold it up to your ear if you absolutely must talk on the phone behind the wheel.

LG’s curved screen may also open up new kinds of mobile apps and gaming, making them pioneers in a field that some claim is taking over a market that consoles have dominated for decades. Who knows what kind of applications could make the most of a curved screen?

Samsung Plans to Release a Curved Display Smartphone

Sources say LG Electronics plans to launch a smartphone with the curved display in November. You might actually see them in action by this holiday season, potentially leading a new era of mobile design. Samsung was said to have a flexible and extendable screen in the works as of last January, but the parts needed to mass produce it were said to be cost prohibitive.

LG Electronics may be onto something, and the LG curved screen could literally change the face of the mobile market.