Linny Boyette: ‘Today’ Superfan Dies At Age 71

Linny Boyette, the Today show’s most recognized fan, has died. The 71-year-old Veteran was a regular in Rockefeller Plaza for the nearly twenty years.

Linwood Boyette was born in Jamaica. He spent years in the military, serving in Europe, Korea, and Vietnam. He said he began watching his favorite show via satellite while he was living in England.

The retired veteran eventually immigrated to the United States, making his home in Bronx, New York.

Beginning in the 1990s, Boyette traveled to the plaza every morning by subway. He usually arrived before 6 am to secure his place in the crowd. Fans in the crowd and on television soon recognized him as a regular part of the show.

Boyett was known for his vast collection of hats, sunglasses, big coats, and his signature pointing gesture.

As he gained popularity, the Today show crew urged him to come inside for introductions. However, he declined their invitation.

In 2012, Linny Boyette was personally invited into the studio by Meredith Vieira. He finally accepted the invitation. Once inside, the popular fan explained his dedication to the show:

“It’s something to do every morning that makes my day… It’s something I enjoy doing. It’s not like a job.”

As reported by Today, the superfan was well-known and respected by everyone on the show. Matt Lauer called Boyette “as much a part of [the] family as any cast member.” He often received as much, if not more, fan mail than members of the cast.

Boyette suffered an illness earlier this year. However, he soon returned to his spot in the plaza.

As reported by USA Today, the beloved fan passed away on Sunday due to complications following a heart attack.

Linny Boyette will always be remembered as the Today show’s biggest fan. Although he was humble, he has thousands of fans across the nation.

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